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    I assume from the image scale this was with the 14"? Very nice... T x
  2. This really does look like a puma!! Wonderful closeup... T x
  3. Great sketch Darren, so much detail.... T x
  4. Nice and fluffy Phil!! T x
  5. Just stunning!!! The larger version takes your breath away!!! What scope was this taken with? This has my vote for POTW!! T x
  6. Fantastic drawing! What scope/ magnification? T x
  7. Orion are renouned for there mirrors, I'll leave it at that....as for price seems, about right. T x
  8. Yes, caught it totally by accident!! Lasted about 60 mins. One minute it was there then it was like somebody had turned of the star!!T x
  9. Yep it was awesome!! Anyone see the occultation? T x
  10. Its been reduced. Well worth a pop at this price.... T x
  11. I'm fast becoming a bit of a galaxy junkie and I'm only using an 8" newt... T x
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