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  1. il be up for this as its been a long time since ive had the scope set up.
  2. this was taken in my back garden with my sw 150 with just my iphone put to the eyepiece.
  3. ive got a sw 150p and i used a 3xbarlow with a 12mm eyepiece
  4. jason you will have to come give me some pointers as when i look a jupiter it looks like the eye of a needle great pics guys keep up the good work
  5. hi all as im a newbie aswell id just like to try a bit of everything and take it from there.only had my scope out twice but looking forward to meeting a few people with the same intrests will encorage me to bring it out more. ive got a sw 150p
  6. looking forward to what they say now
  7. hi all had my 1st view of jupiter tonight with my new scope which is skywatcher 150p.i was happy with the view as it was a 1st but i was hoping the plant would have looked a little bigger the only eyepieces i got with my scope was meade ma 12mm, super 25 wide angle long eye relief lens. could anyone point me in the right direction as to what lens would be good.please be gentle as im a newbie thanks in advance rob
  8. where do you go at the moment jason?
  9. hi jason i would be well up for a few meets and observing nights as ive just got my first ever scope and would be good to meet up with people with some good knowledge to help me.im also in luton aswell. rob
  10. thanks for the warm welcome back as im still really new to all this,what sort of sites will i see when the clouds finally clear up. rob
  11. hi all im back now on the forum now i have finally got myself a scope got myself a sky watcher 150p for £150 still boxed and in great condition.now all i need is some clear nights hope everyone is ok?
  12. i would love to see that with my own eyes, great pictures
  13. wow is all i can say,i cant wait till the day i get pictures like this
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