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  1. i go outside in my yard. its pretty dark, but i think ppl think im crazy when the see me sitting in the middle of my yard at midnight. i dont have a scope for an excuse.lol
  2. it didnt. it was my old guitar and i wanted to give it a cool paintjob.
  3. thanks for the advice everyone! I will probably just buy a decent scope in the future. It kinda seems like too much trouble... for now
  4. Agelesslink


    hello Zak. welcome
  5. an you see the color of saturn with these binoculars or just the light? just wondering about the capabilities
  6. suckes to hear about the adapter, but these are the binocs that i aim to get when i get the money
  7. I guess you can consider me a do it yourselfer. I've built a pc. ATTEMPTED to repaint an old guitar. Refurbished my house. I like to get hobbies, but sometimes go overboard too quick. At the moment, i'm just focused on getting my celestron 15x70 binoculars, but i'm considering building my own dobsonian later on. My question is, Is it suggested for someone like me? I've never owned a telescope before so I don't know if I would have the right outcome when i'm done. I'm obviously gonna research everything and not approach this uninformed, but again have never used a telescope before. Another thing is, Would a handmade scope perform as well as say a zhumell dobsonian or the like? I know the primary mirror plays a major role, but does the tube or anything like that play a part in the quality? Another thing is, is it cost effective? I noticed on telescopes.com the zhumell z10 is $500. If i were to build a 10 inch dobsonian, would the cost of parts be the same or more? Any input on a first timer would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. it's totally capella guys/gals. i feel so duped by the universe right now.lol. i traveled 15 miles to the darkest field i knew to check it out and i spotted capella along with other stars in different directions that were near the horizon. its just something that i didnt know happened. its pretty awesome actually. makes me want bigger optics
  9. im not sure. i'll try find it to find capella tonight to confirm, buti don't think the colors are due to diffraction. the colors have been the same for three nights and the blinking of the red light has been at the same rate. i tried to take a picture of it last night, but my camera is not sensitive enough
  10. and they don't usually have lights on them do they?
  11. nice. whats it called? im a newb. nevermind. i looked a second time and found my answer. im also an idiot as well. :|
  12. I've been goin out every night for the past three nights and see this same twinkling light in the sky. Its like a solid green light and a blinking red light on the same craft. in my 10x25s is barely in focus. In my sky in louisiana its in between perseus and camelopardalis. Always in the same spot, its been there for three days. Its also too high to be a tower or something like that. Is there any kind of aircraft or weather balloon that will hover in the same spot for upwards of three days? I also don't want to shout UFO because i don't want to sound like an idiot. i just want to know what it MIGHT be .
  13. Got a second look at the moon. It's a very clear night in Louisiana. I Identified Cygnus, Aquila, Lyra, Cephus, Cassiopea, Pegasus, Andromeda, Perseus, And Jupiter The night sky is starting to fill up for me where once was empty sky with random stars. Though my binoculars are hopelessly too weak to make out anything but the moon, i keep trying to see something of detail on Jupiter. I'll just keep learning and memorizing a constellation per night until I can get myself some decent binocs and a tripod. I might start trying to sketch the moon soon. Ive been looking at everyone's sketches lately and it just seems too cool to not try. Any pointers will certainly be appreciated.
  14. one of the best sketches i've seen of jupiter so far. very good work. i didn't know so many astonomers on this sight had such skill in drawing
  15. went back out again tonight. and saw the same point of green and red light. pretty weird. this makes me wish i had something stronger to view with
  16. Thanks Mike!! this is just what i needed
  17. thanks Dave! i have a better idea of what antimatter is. i figure the main goal of research of antimatter is its energy properties, but i can't help but wonder what a cup of anti H2O would look like. if it would quench my thirst. silly things like that.
  18. I was reaseaching radiation after reading the radiation and astronauts thread and i came across the term antimatter and looked it up on wiki. i understand that antimatter negates matter, but what blows my mind is when it was stated that there can be places comosed entirely of antimatter. my mind cannot imagine what this place would look like. when i think of an absence of matter, i think of space. is antimatter the same thing as the absence of matter. can someone shed some light on antimatter and what it would look like to a layman? i wish i had gone to college in physics
  19. first view of the moon with my binocs. it was the first time in three weeks that the moon was in my field of view. there was heavy cloud cover, but i was ablt to make out a few dark spots and the faintest hint of some craters and shadowing. everytime i could get my hand steady another cloud would obscure my view. the moon is very beatiful when looking through binoculars. i can only imagine how great it will look through a scope! went back out a couple of hours later and there were no clouds . got a good look at the moon this time and was very satisfied with my $15 binocs. lol im gonna go back out tomorrow and try to identify a few landmarks! on another note i noticed a weird point of light in the sky. it was around 10 PM. in between perseus and cameliopardalis i saw a green and red light. the green was solid and the red was blinking. it was just weird because it didnt move. it was too high to be an antennae and i dont believe i would be able to see a satellite or something like that. im just curious as to what kind of aircraft it could have been. i was actually thinking it could have been a helicopter hovering, but while i was looking a helicopter crossed mmy field of view and it had white blinking lights. anyway this has been one of my best nights to date!!
  20. U can actually zoom onto my house.lol the white spot in front is my truck!!
  21. i caught a few meteors coming in at my zenith "around 32 degrees" near cygnus and lyra at arounf 830:pm cst. anyone else notice?
  22. I gotta say. i was trying to find pegasus "i couldnt because of blurry contact lenses" and just thinking that andromeda was somewhere out there shining a dim light out of reach was exciting and mysterious to me. i hope to have the same respect and curiosity years down the line. that's why i'm gonna delay the telescope until its impossible to wait any longer. then i'll invest in one that will leave nothing to be desired in a telescope.
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