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  1. It's looking perfect I wish my floor beams were that solid in my house :)
  2. Hmmm...the problem there is the real wasps in our area may become a little to attached Luckily we don't have ducks nearby so duck tape may be safe! haha One of the guys in another thread used CF vinyl and you'd think it would look tacky...but it doesn't! It looks 100% legit I'll leave it for a good while but it's on the cards
  3. As soon as it arrives I'll strip it down and paint it Black! Well not really. I would if I was competent enough to collimate a frac...but I'm not
  4. Well thanks to you and John as you guys waxed lyrically about this thing I'm going to try and get the rest asap and get some imaging done as there seems to be very few examples, online, using this scope.
  5. Just clicked buy In the end I went with the TS 80/480 triplet. They can offer me the same deal as APM but I bought the scope first as I can't wait for the rest of the cash. Cash burns my pockets and I need my scope TS have kept the offer open for the rest (flattener, adapter etc) at the same bundle price. Should make the perfect companion for the 120 MASSIVE THANKS to all your inputs and recommendations.
  6. Not at all...wasn't claiming you did . Just think lw24 should be defended here and not the insulter Anywho...for me GOTO (seems like most here) has been a god send. I can only basically echo what others have said about limited time etc. Once my Obs is built I plan on visual star hopping while the camera is clicking. So far GOTO has actually taught me the skies more than any other way has. Must be the way I'm wired but I can now locate many objects just with my pointed finger Still, sooooo much more to learn. Still a green horn
  7. James, "Goto=cheating?" is a valid question and was put in a question form by lw24. There's a very clear question mark so it's not a statement. A provocative title which has had some very clear and logical answers. There's nothing harsh about it, to be fair. It doesn't deserve to be met with "grow up!". Now that's harsh and as a member on the forums lw24 didn't deserve that for the question he asked.
  8. Wow! Just wow! To be fair...that's not like you.
  9. I check it every 4 or 5 mins! It's a habit now. Even if I'm not on the hunt for anything. Just like when I go to the fridge, look inside, and close it...without getting anything!
  10. There you go Plantins...a full on recommendation
  11. That's the link from the 1st reply I think it's a very cool solution to no space
  12. I think if you use synthetic brush it'll be a fantastic solution. It should really keep everything out. Wind, moisture and bugs
  13. Silica only does so much and it would then need replacing or popping in the oven. I'd have it in addition to another solution. A low power heater...maybe I know some guys use certain lights in their obs (when they're not around) so it's an idea. Some people who have done what you want have actually built a small box around the top of the pier (around the gear). Then when the come to use they just unclip it etc. Not sure how practical that would be with your scope. It's a beast! Saying all that...there's bound to be people here (who will chime in) that have kept their scopes out without trouble. Depends if you get the deep winters or not
  14. You could always test it? By that I mean put something on the pier that's electronically delicate (but not expensive) and see how it goes. Dampness is the main thing to avoid.
  15. Loads have a pier outside. I don't recall anyone leaving their full set-up out though. At least not under a cover. Some have a small box surrounding stuff though.
  16. Would something like this still be too big? http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-observatories/106982-wheelie-bin-obsy.html Personally I'd be worried about moisture in a full on Obs let alone just a cover. I've got a quality Motorbike cover (waterproof and breathable) in case of emergencies or if I'm at a star party. Much cheaper than ones with 'Telescope' etc written on them. But I would make it permanent. Just a pier will still make setting up much more quicker and less hassle than setting the tripod too. But I wouldn't have all the kit out 24/7. Just my 2 cents
  17. That is one heck of a lot of hours spent. But it's by far one of the best of these I've seen. Outstanding
  18. One thing I've seen people do, which is cool, is put some fine mesh around the pier hole. Not connected to the pier...just around the hole and down. Stop creepy crawlies like wasps etc.
  19. Indeed. It's the first rule of Obs building. I don't think anyone has done any different, to be honest. At least we hope not
  20. Ouch Still...Steelracks are pretty awesome. I'm getting the full package but the only images I can find from this scope is the one on TS's site. So no unbias examples. Are you just visual?
  21. ps. Did you add the finder shoe? And presumably the one with the bins isn't the same scope as it has the Baader Steeltrack focuser
  22. How is this scope working out for people? I'm not far off from having the full amount to get the whole package including the flattener. I've had offered of very similar scopes like a SET Optics one I'd never heard of, albeit pretty much the same but maybe better optics.
  23. It has gone but maybe he deleted it because he feared the area being recognised? It's a concern of mine too.
  24. Kev, that's exactly the one I was talking about in the 3rd post Great minds It's nowhere to be seen though
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