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  1. The second (less saturated) version is the one. And wow! What an outstanding image and well worth the massive time you spent on this. It's utterly beautiful.
  2. What I meant by image quality is simply through the eyepiece with myself. Photography is something I'm bearing in mind though, but as I have a lot of exploring to do first it may be a while down the line. By that time I may be able to afford one of their mounts for the Dob but also I could sell it and get the Explorer 200p etc as the auto mounts do start to get pricey. I've in no way made my mind up yet but I want the best visual experience I can get from my own hardware. Awesome replies guys.
  3. Thanks fella. I've watched a few clips on the tube about these and they seem ideal. Looks like it can be built blindfolded to be honest Must...stop...looking...at....the...bigger ones! haha And yeh, you're right; no mention of the eyepieces at all. I'm going to be asking so many questions on this forum over the coming weeks
  4. Actually, yep...I see this is simply a basic mount. To be honest...I'm more interested in the best imagaing I can afford than a lovely EQ mount. I realise the benifits of EQ but I'll be doing most observing from my back garden. Hmmm...Dobsonian could be the way. It looks like I'd have to buy extras like 2x barlow eyepiece to get the best potential magnification though.
  5. mdstuart: Thanks very much for such a detailed reply. Your answer to 1 is the story of my life! lol Always want bigger and better. You've answered all my questions and more. Cornelius Varley: Ah yes, I was looking at that one and thinking is it the right way as I'm not sure how it's mounted etc. I've seen the difference in images between 150 and 200 and they're miles apart. This one you point to had me thinking for a long long time. I'd love to jump in at 200mm. Is it a self build or is it already assembled? Is the wooden mount not going to restrict me and is the FOV as small as that review suggests...1°? I must be reading that wrongly
  6. Edit: Went for the 150PL in the end Thanks to all and the conversation aint over yet Hi all, I've been wanting a telescope for a long time now and have £250ish to play with (quite good considering the missus has been patient with my two high-end PC buying antics) and figured it's time to take the plunge! After looking around and crossing off goto scopes (reading here convinced me the cash is better spent on better optics etc) I've pretty much decided on the Skywatcher Explorer 150PL EQ3-2. I want to see planets (particularly Jupiter and Saturn) with a decent amount of quality. I'd love a 200p but just can't stretch this far atm. The Skywatcher Explorer 150PL EQ3-2 seems to be a cracking package and after searching high and low (inc fleabay) the best price seems to be from this forum's very own sponsor (FLO). So: 1: As a beginner will I be disappointed with this scope's capabilities? 2: For the budget is this one of the best I can get (capability, brand, quality and maybe expandability) 3: I think I'll buy a moon filter too but is a collimating tool essential right now? 4: Will storing in a descent garage be ok? Many thanks for your time and I'm sure this is one of 1000s of similar 1st posts
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