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  1. Wah hay! As soon I posted...they came in. Hmmm. Lovely job though. Very impressive.
  2. I cannot see any pics in this whole thread Are they externally linked?
  3. There's a few quick ones on this very forum. I'm hoping Hubble was swung around to capture it.
  4. Ooh, 4.8m lengths is good. Sounds like you've hit the jackpot with your sawmill
  5. The two I have are direct copies of the WO. Both supplied under different brands but are identical in every way to each other. Not sure if they're different to the WO one though. As for the TS scope...I don't fancy drilling into it so I'll either give it a miss or stick it on top of one of the rings.
  6. I've got that very same leg type thing next to the base you've linked to.
  7. Ah, sorry John...I could have sworn you said it did when I asked. Lost in translation
  8. I'll be definitely putting one of my RDFs on it as when it's a guide scope it's good to be able too use it that way. It's going to sit on top of my 120 like the cheapo ST80 did. But the added bonus (and main reason for the upgrade) is I'll be able to image through it and use the 120 to guide. It's going to be nice having two scopes capable of imaging different FOVs. The 120 is a lot tighter and great on some galaxies etc. But this will be great on nebs and some of the larger galaxies. Not having a shoe to utilise is not a big deal at all. It's just John (I think) said the one on his came with it. I'm now going to allow myself to get excited again
  9. Not a finder...a finder shoe It was a typo lol Would never expect a finder I think it was john who had the shoe included.
  10. It's been the same guy all the way (not Wolfi). We both have been irritated in the communications and now it's calmed down it all feels good. We're both only human after all. It looks like they are going to put a scope through the tests, check it over and send it out. Then they'll cover the pickup of this messed up one. It would have been nice to be offered a token of appreciation as this outcome is to be expected. But I'm just happy to be getting it sorted now. Pretty much the best I could have hoped for, post issues. The least time without a scope. Apart from the issues in the first post it really is very decent. Clearly the issues with the one delivered is not the norm as it just would never sell. Having a look through it (admittedly day time) showed really good colour and resolution on things like leaf edges on distant trees. Hopefully when it arrives (lucky if this week and likely Monday - UPS times) I'll be posting the thread I initially wanted to Shame it doesn't have the finder shoe that some of you guys got with yours.
  11. We've just had a big argument over email that was getting worse and worse. But then a very calm and professional email came back and it has calmed the situation right down. Clearly they took a deep breath. My back gets up very quickly when I get rude or snotty replies but equally I get calmed quickly when solid and professional replies come my way. Kudos to the person dealing with me for changing to that way Fingers crossed we'll get to the bottom of it soon. Time really is my main issue here.
  12. Yeh, they offered me a refund or replacement very quickly. But left me hanging to how it would work. I got an email this morning and rather than it being helpful to the next step it was all about defending how they finished work an hour after my reply and it was unreasonable for me to expect a reply within 24 hours!!!!!! But when I was emailing them with question before buying the scope I got replies within 30mins each time (admittedly, I thought that was quick). But they did it repeatedly. But now I've received this mess I'm being unreasonable expecting it to be dealt with quickly and efficiently Ok, maybe times are tight in this instant but surely the snotty email isn't needed when a customer is very much in their right to be irritated? Way to ignore the main issue Teleskop Service Clearly you're the victims in all of this My time is being utterly wasted and I don't feel I'm being unreasonable at all.
  13. Feather edge is fine if you overlap it 50%. I did my bin cupboard with no overlap as I wanted it to look the way it does when it warps etc. But I've done cladding on the outer 70ft wall in the garden with 50% (5cm) overlap and it looks cool. Not sure on a obs but it looks fine and has weathered well. I would use shiplap on an obs though.
  14. If they sent me a new scope and the free flattener kit (inc the adapter) I'd be well happy That's £170 worth Not going to happen though. Replacing it with a LOMO would be nice Can't squeeze any imaging in until I have the scope proper, though
  15. Totally. As I mentioned they said it was a one off. See what happens tomorrow Still, doesn't help me. Waiting to get back to me means I'll ship later and receive a replacement later (next week unless they ship one out tomorrow). I've just took a quick shot of the moon (Blue Moon). Seems to be CA free but I'll do some dark ones (on stars as the moon's set) to get a better idea. 100% but cropped. Focus not perfect and through telephone lines...but, meh!
  16. I'll ring them if I get no joy, for sure. I'm going to wait until tomorrow before making a proper judgement on them as mistakes happen and there may be a good reason for them ignoring me. Junk mail isn't one of them unless it can detect when an email address is a sale and when it's a complaint!
  17. I was quite cool about it with them until they stopped replying. The answered the first email within 5 minute and I instantly replied. It's like a conversation that they just walked away from. Not even a "we'll get back to you tomorrow". It got my back up so all softly softly went out the window. I didn't want to post this thread. I was just going to mention the issues and how a replacement was sorted. Shame. But it does seem like I'm the exception to the rule.
  18. Hey fella, I didn't choose...they sent UPS. I like UPS and have never had an issue with them. It'll not cost £60 . I've sent 100s to Germany when I was in retail so it should be fine. The problem as far as I'm concerned is I don't want to spend a penny more. They can email me the waybill and I'll pop it on. I think that's fair. Paid with PayPal so they will help me. But having not heard back from TS yet...it's too early for me to jump to conclusions. ps. I'm sure you would Nadeem, I'm sure you would
  19. The mark is on the inside of the tube. The photo just gives the impression of being on the lens. The pic from inside probably gives you a better idea of it's position But still...shouldn't have passed.
  20. Hope so John *thumbs up* They replied to my first email after just 5 mins (which I thanked them for). Then failed to continue the conversation and now they're closed. Feels like they've just forgotten me and that's got my back up. I would have expected a little bit of priority but I guess others will be buying £6000 (and the rest) scopes and my small purchase isn't really going to get all hands to the pump
  21. I should be clear on this (just in case); if the scope arrived in the condition it was advertised as...or rather without these issues...it would be a quality scope. There's no doubt about that. If it was supplied without all the marks and tarnishing it would be excellent. Certain parts of it are top-notch. But like said above...maybe it is a one off (like they said) or maybe it's more common. I will remain gutted for the foreseeable future You've got to laugh really
  22. Gutted to be honest. It feels nice and weighty (not heavy though) and the reports of the glass are 100% positive. I was so excited and now I'm gutted I'm just disappointed it's a mess. I wouldn't have been overly pleased if it was second hand...but new. Am I over-reacting?
  23. Update #2: Replacement scope arrives! <<Click Here>> Update #1: Pretty much the solution that's to be expected. But more importantly...it looks like I'm getting the scope I expected <<Click Here>> It's sad when things don't turn out well but I think it's important to arm potential buyers with as much honest appraisal of equipment as possible. Good or bad. After being told by Teleskop Service/Express (who were very helpful at the sales point) that my scope would arrive 2-3 days after buying...I finally received it 5 working days after. No biggy...it's here "Great! It's arrived . No time to waste...lets get it opened!" were my first thoughts. As soon as I pulled the scope out of the box I was immediately presented with a hex screw falling out (turns out from the focuser). Ok, not the end of the world...I can pop that back in. But not a great start. Before doing any further inspections (beyond quickly eying over the OTA) I mounted it on the tri-pod. Went to take off the dust cap and it's a screw on one. Again, no biggy. But after unscrewing it I see loads of small metallic specks all over the new optics (from the poorly made threads). That's not good. Who designs a scope where the end cap sheds metallic dust all over the lens and coatings! Also the end of the dew shield has two marks which look like misuse. Not the end of the world...but have I just bought a second hand scope here! Went to the rear to check out the focuser. The brass fine adjuster looks filthy. I initially thought this was mucky hands from a tester (which is still not good) but it's not cleaning off. Looks tarnished. So by this time I'm irritated. Understandably so. Look down the scope without anything in the focuser and see a mark at the end of the inside (lens end). Not a little one...a big watermark type thing. From the inside it's quite reflective. This is now completely not on. Whether it would effect the imaging is irrelevant, I feel. It should be spotless. Wind out the focuser and at the last 15mm it jumps. First sticks and then jumps. The final 5mm is fine. Further small marks on the OTA would have been over-looked if it wasn't for the above. But they're now added to my gripe. Along with the plastic adapter from the ota to the focuser. Looks like the angle was cut with a rough hacksaw. All in all this scope is a mess and I'm not impressed. The optics may well be outstanding...but I expect it to arrive with me as designed. And unless watermarks on the inside are part of a secret astro technique...it's got to go. TS replied to a calm email all apologetic and offered a cash refund or an exchange. I was assured this is a one off. I'm waiting for their reply on how to return it. But they've clearly forgotten about me. Quick to reply when they're after a sale...not so when they've made a mess. I hope they're not going to ask me to pay to return it. To be honest, I was in two minds to what to do (exchange or refund). I'd like this scope for it's specs but even the metallic dust from the end cap threads will continue to risk wrecking the lens. I shouldn't need to go and source a slip on end cap. Also their lack of communication and the risk of more tat (as I need the flattener) means it'll likely be a refund. £600 is a lot of cash. Doesn't matter if it's a good price for a triplet. It's a lot and I don't feel the way it arrived justifies this. Pics attached.
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