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  1. Yeh, Polaris is also good if I'm not using tracking as it's gonna stay put more.
  2. *thumbs up* I had a go last night and it makes sense. However, I think a higher powered EP is in order. I'll do it a few times like you say. Get a good spread to average out. edit: You're link is excellent...thanks
  3. I'd like the CF that looks like it's had a clear coat. Gloss type. I might end up getting mind deep sprayed.
  4. I've Googled it (should have before posting *oops*) but it would be good to hear from others just to drum it home and hear thoughts
  5. Hi all...I was wonder how to do a star test and what's the theory behind it? I've searched here and used google to search here too, but can't find a definitive result. Can some one point me in the right direct? It's for my new 80mm refractor.
  6. Read a report a while back from a well known pro who said the way the 2" ones are made means the center part is bigger and clearer/better quality and benefits 1.25" users.
  7. Replacement scope arrived today. It had been checked over by Teleskop Service/Express before it was sent. The main tube was very loose where it screws in, as was the dew shield. Holding the focuser, the whole thing was wobbly. Just needed to tighten it up. Left hand focuser knob was blatantly wonky and looked like the shaft was bent. But I removed the knob and refitted it properly Perfect now. Small (very) dink in part of the focuser which was obviously done before painting. Cosmetic but still...I'd have liked it not to be there. The tightening nuts (2" EP grips) in the first one were angled/bent. I thought this was deliberate so not to allow them to hit the focuser when the tube was fully in. This one they're not angled. So it was a QC issue with the first one. Not sure why the plug in the focuser is a William Optics one either, but obviously they come from the same factory. Main thing were the white specks of paint all over the inside of the lens (See pic. Large ones clearly visible - no flash photography). Too big to ignore or get rid of with flats but even so...not what I wanted from a brand new scope. These have obviously come from the threads of the tube. TS told me to unscrew the lens from the tube and use a blower. Can't be arsed messing on with returning it so I've done it. Not happy of course. Especially the risk to the most expensive part of the scope. Shouldn't have to do this on a brand new item...if it is. But I just want to get on with my life. This scope is well made (potentially) but the QC seems to be shocking. A lot of it cosmetic but it's important. The paint on the lens aint cosmetic...of course. Anyway...once all sorted it's a lovely scope. But the proof is in the pudding...optic quality. All reports say it's fantastic so I'm looking forward to some widefield AP Putting this hassle behind me and looking to the future. Shame I'll have to go back for the flattener. If the optics are as good as I'm led to believe...I'll forget all about this mess.
  8. Check out the cloud movement here: http://www.sat24.com/en/gb When you get to the dark time which is very little in the north...you may have gaps
  9. Just a quick question for those of you who have one of these: The white end plug (focuser) supplied with the stock focuser...is yours a William Optics one? I know John has replaced his after his accident but can you have a peak and see if the swan logo is on the inside please?
  10. It blows my mind how (when done properly - like yours) it can make a scope look very expensive! Explaining it to someone would always bring visions of tacky tat. It just doesn't end up that way. What a job
  11. Gonna be cool when we move down there. I won't miss anymore of these things
  12. ps. PortableAstronomer Please don't get me wrong though...I agree that it's one of the ways where it's easy to lose out if a scammer is on the prowl. It's just not a definite.
  13. @PortableAstronomer Yeh...but if you're scared of every worst case scenario you may as well stay in bed Anything can be made out to be bad. You're generalisation is wrong in this case. It tars everyone with the same brush which isn't fair. Caution is obviously the way to go but I've done 100s of BT transactions and been ok. Caution first...of course. Buying secondhand will always have it's risks. Buying of SGL doesn't make things automatically safe either. But you use common sense and caution on every purchase. Chatting on the phone when making a big buy (or even if you're selling) is a good way to gauge a situation. But even that ultimately doesn't guarantee safety. I just think your generalisation is unfair on those who don't have PP accounts and realise PP's fees are ridiculous. Not many buyers will cover fees..most will want gift.
  14. I have to defend the bank transfer...not everyone is up to no good asking for that. Not by any stretch of the imagination. PayPal gift is one to be wary of as it offers zero protection for either parties. It's misleading to suggest PayPal is automatically safe...it isn't when using gift. Best option is to chat to someone on the phone. Nobody would begrudge a phone call...if they do...then it's time to be suspicious.
  15. Like Kev, I really don't like Purple but that's not what I was expecting. Looks spot on! Solid looking too. How does the mount bolt to the adapter? Does it have a smaller hole inside and connect just like the tri-pod?
  16. If you have a doubt about any sellers you can check their profile and see how many ads they have and how many archived. A number of archived can mean they have been successfully selling without issues. Of course...caution is always a healthy way. Agree with The Thing too...please and thank yous go a long way
  17. Absolutely not. It's your kit, your time, your way of enjoying. As long as you are enjoying...then the sky is yours
  18. Good job Skywatcher's new to be mount is called the EQ-8 now. Could have been a lot of unhappy customers
  19. WooooW! That's one hell of an extreme close-up! Amazing image.
  20. astroimpulse

    Equinox 120

  21. I've just perved the life out of that site and their prices seem great. I've not gone and compared anywhere else but their decking seems decent.
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