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  1. Rest in peace, big man. A true legend.
  2. That Twitter pic is someone making it up for attention. It's from 2010. <<< Maryland Weather: Twilight meteor reported Monday in Maryland - Weather forecast: Meteorology and climate conditions in the Baltimore region from reporter Frank Roylance - baltimoresun.com >>> Gutted I missed this, though Surely some of the SGLers would have caught a pic?
  3. You're welcome to mate Yeh...I'll be there for sure I'm fully signed up and will be around. I'm only sold up temporarily
  4. I've had lots of recent requests to set out how I did this. I'll try asap but it's just a case of holes and wiring. Easy really. Expensive...but easy.
  5. Hi Dave, Yeh, it's well know (around here) now that the handle broke The strengthening was all on the handle connector and I totally forgot the plastic part was another weakness. I picked it up before Kielder (had many times before without issue) and it stayed on the floor and the plastic handle in my hand Lucky really. The strange thing is...the case has lasted just fine. Although I did strengthen it somewhat.
  6. That one is insanely intense and stunning. Amazing work.
  7. No doubt they're mostly great (hence why they're successful) but that means nothing to me or my experience. And I'm sure SGL would have removed this if they felt it was liable etc. It's over now, though. Patrick Woitala ignored my emails over the past 2 weeks after his last one advising me to dismantle it (could be a genuine reason). They ignored the PayPal Dispute. They ignore the PayPal Claim when escalated. They ignored it when the scope arrived. They finally replied saying they had told PayPal the scope had arrived back. This was an outright lie as PayPal had heard nothing. This untruth was confirmed when I rang PayPal and the guy on the phone was (amazingly) helpful. I uploaded the waybill and he instantly refunded me. Patrick replied today with a pointless email confirming the refund had gone through Shame it ended up this way because the scope in question would be a quality scope if it had arrived in the condition most others have received it in. But I think most people can see this is just one man's bad experience and make their own minds up. 2 poor quality scopes in succession doesn't mean everyone would be bad.
  8. Hey fella, keeping good. How's you? Got any pics yet? Cheers guys for the input. If the feather touch can be adapted for different scope it would be a keeper for years to come. The moonlites are beautiful too and I've never seen a bad review. Not going to be as hard to choose as I first though
  9. To be honest, John...if the scopes where in good condition (TS versions) there is no doubting they are beauts. Guess that's why I tried again. Solid build, very good focuser and great optics (although I never got good night time with it ). Nobody wanted the second one to arrive perfect more than me. The weight was just right too (IMHO). I'm lusting one of these now because, as you say, it's the same triplet cell but I'm also a fan of CF and I reckon Orion will demand better QC. SCS are the ones who told me it's out until August. Widescreen are £80 more (seems their way on most stuff) but I expect to hear from them soon. You never know...they may have one
  10. ps. when I get this I'll give an honest appraisal of it. August aint too bad, either, as it'll be nice and dark then too. I must have a wide field and these two (above) are the choice at the moment (in my price range to quality ratio).
  11. Had my eye on this for a while but Orion (and their dealers) out until August Yes, that was me. But it was two scopes...one after the other. Never doubted the optics...just the QC which was appauling like the quad they do You got one good one...I got two bad I have more trust in Orion but they're still handled by TS apparently. Still, this looks lovely and good value for money with the diagonal etc.
  12. Yeh, they are lovely. Glad to see it's improved your experience. The 120ED has a different focuser to the Equinox so the jump isn't as big. But still big enough
  13. Having had a nightmare with a recent scope purchase I'm looking to treat myself and my Equinox 120 with a lovely new focuser. I'm erring towards the moonlite as it's beautiful as well as brilliant. But I know the Starlight is something else too (much more though). Then there's the Steeltrack with it's canny...err...steel track Would love to know what users of these instruments think? Edit: It's for imaging so precision and sturdiness is the order of the day
  14. It'll be with them by Thursday and in the same condition it arrived with me. This is not a return because I don't fancy the scope now (which would mean costs are fair enough)...it's a return because after two attempts they still couldn't deliver a simple little scope in new condition. Oh well...life goes on
  15. Looks like Teleskop Services don't even want to communicate and PayPal has told me to ship this back at my cost before any refund will be issued. Looks like if you buy from these guys you will be provided with sub-standard equipment and be out of pocket come the end. I see many others have had this issue with other scopes. Expect TS to drag this out as clearly this has been a laugh for them.
  16. Some lovely rigs here. Here's mine. It's a little different now as I have a triplet to go in place of the ST80 (which I sold). Although with the triplet carry on I've got another ST80 on the way while I wait. Also new rings coming. I'll update when it all arrives.
  17. Yeh...it's the wait for 2 weeks that put me off from getting a refund the first time. Would have been done by now (2 weeks is time to ship the label, me return it, they get it and refund). They know this thread exists. A member of staff has PM'd me here plenty times. I've started a PP dispute ONLY to make sure the ball is rolling (and I don't miss deadlines). It'll probably get their backs up but hey...I've been messed around too long. I have no doubt they will refund me. They're not a poor retailer from what I can see. They just haven't performed on this occasion. @LMC...totally. But the replacement was just that. Full checked by a member of staff
  18. Exactly what I wanted john. After reading yours and other's reviews I was expecting it. Then the replacement I was 100% confident it would be spotless. It's not on that I have to dismantle the objective lens from the tube just to get it clean when it's brand new. Depressed to be honest. TS were apologetic in the end but never offered a solution when the 2nd turned up a mess beyond 'take it apart and sort it' so to speak. To be honest I was so depressed with the second one I had nothing left as far as complaining was concerned. I would have gotten a refund in the first place but it takes so long for them to do so it's annoying. I'm going to open a PayPal dispute and see if I can get a quick refund. They should have offered far more than the advice they gave. They should have made sure the end result was a perfect scope in the customers hands. Remember, this was their checked one. :*(
  19. In deed John. But that's not a plus for them. It's a duty. And the replacement scope they sent was a joke too. They just couldn't care less.
  20. "If you're going through ASCOM hell...keep going!" Have you checked out Chris's vids? Very very helpful: YouTube - ‪chrisshillito's Channel‬‏
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