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  1. Okay, first question of what may be many I know the basics of telescope types, Refractor, Reflector etc. But why is the image upside down? Or is it? If I looked at the moon through these types, will is b upside down? I find that confusing.... Can someone explain the optical mechanics (if that's a term) is if there is image correction. If I want to look at Pleiades, I would appreciate it being the right way round! Rich BTW - particulalry interested in Reflectors...
  2. Stellarium seems to use OpenGL to render night skies. However my PC with it's meaty graphics card manages 0.5-2 frames per second. I've tried playing around with it to no avail. Reading the equipment lists I can see you guys are very good at helping people spend money
  3. Hi, my name's Richard, was just browsing around for info about astronomy in the UK - found this forum. I am resurrecting an interest in stargazing from my childhood. Unfortunately my finances don't allow the purchase of a 'scope yet, but I'm working on that. It's great to use some software and start recognising stars, galaxies, and so forth. I am using Cartes Du Ciel, a free software. Stellarium looked great, but doesn't work. As for my location, I'm near to some fields for deep sky looking, relatively clear of streelights, and the back of my flat is okay, but there is a streetlight round the
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