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  1. Would narrow-band M1 work ? If so would a ~100MB zip via sendspace be ok ?
  2. Hi Zakalwe, You have an excellent first M42. Be very patient with your processing skills....it just takes time Your are off to an excellent start. Enjoy,
  3. Have you tried using a recent dark ?....might be better than no dark How many subs do you have ?....Using a median combine with high and low range rejection should clean most of the outliers....with enough subs Looks like some really good stuff is in there. I think the juice will be worth the squeeze.
  4. You might be pushing for a black background at the expense of the nebulous detail...could just be the JPEG (evil format) compression. You might consider extracting each color channel and working them separately. This will usually allow better control of the faint detail present in each color frame. A larger image with max JPEG quality would help the examination
  5. Tips, criticism, ideas, harsh language, dirty looks, et.al. are always welcome and always appreciated Excellent tip. Unfortunately, my PosAng is usually governed by guide star position. Ahhh....So always keep an eye on how you want the final framing ? I was thinking of a DSS image, NASA Sky View or the like, as the reference frame and using the star alignment tools in PixInsight to build each mosaic frame. Sound like a plan ? Thanks, Rusty.
  6. Okaaay....had you down for the 32" RCOS.... I'll make a note... "Kevin prefers SK 200P HEQ6 over RCOS."...check
  7. Some stuff on my list of useful things.... Sheet filters in different colors If typical red acetate filters don't work for you....everybody is slightly color blind in one form or another...or your computer monitor just doesn't get on with a given shade of red... "Gel" color filters used in theatrical lighting are an excellent option. Your local community/high school/college theatre can usually spare a sheet or two. Rosco has a large color selection. Gaff Tape : Like Duct Tape but cloth backed and won't leave a sticky mess behind when removed. Black for obvious reasons. White for labeling big,
  8. So.....Who is member 10,000 ?....and.... Do I have'ta get gifts for everybody ?
  9. Good point. Bearing and other mechanical slop can be a killer. Should the use of two cylinders mounted in opposition (pushing against each other slightly) be considered ? This would "pre-load" the compression and mechanical slop. An opposing gas shock (from a car hatch back, say) might be better...cheaper, simpler. Divide an Conquer. Always a sound strategy. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. On parts and such...... I live in Dallas and work from home for a company based in Las Vegas (we also have a shop outside London). We do all our manufacturing in Vegas where we have a mach
  10. Nick....I love you, man. Most see things in the exact opposite way. When there are many variables that should be considered....the number is always higher than you think....The usual approach is to try and reduce the variables considered and solve the reduced set. While this is perceived as simplifying the problem. In reality the excluded variables still exist and will bring complexities that can seldom be resolved. Your super-simple method is vastly superior terms of results and violently more simple in implementation. The geek name for Nick's super-simple approach is: Closed-Loop. Warning: G
  11. Dude ! Really nice. Rich and Smooooth....... My wife had a look and wandered off mumbling something about needing chocolate. Ha is awesome. More please.
  12. EQMOSAIC looks like it will do the trick quite nicely Thanks Guys/Girls/Other your the best, Rusty.
  13. Hi Nick, I think your onto a Great Idea. The motion would be smooth, accurate and backlash free…like butter. (I love Hydraulics....one of my favorite methods for moving stuff.) Here is a bit of what I know of hydraulics and controls*. Ramble Warning: I'm just going to brain dump. You might want to leave now. Most of these notes go to "controllability" where many small errors can accumulate...often resulting in "uncontrollability" i.e. Tracking errors. - Fluids are incompressible....mostly. Hydraulic fluid will have ~2-3% entrained air that will give cylinders a very small bit of "softn
  14. Very nice indeed. Dust lane detail is awesome ! More please, Rusty.
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