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  1. hi thanks for all the coments myles:)
  2. hey hope you like my pic's of the moon i used a sky max 90 with a philips fun webcam at 17/3/2011 at 9:00. please leve any coments that you want to give all well come from myles
  3. hey all the pictures that are on there and there are a lot are really good myles
  4. hey really good pictures what did you use to get them and when did you have to get up at around mid night to get them lol any way really good take some more myles
  5. hey thanks for the comments that you have said and i used a philips fun webcam to get the pic from myles
  6. hey every one thanks for all the come ants that you have given me so thanks for that and cloudwatcher did you do that to my pic and if you did how could i get it to look like that so it will look a lot better? from myles
  7. thanks for all the reviews they are all nice so that is good lol so thanks Myles
  8. hi thanks for the comments the equipment i used was a sky max 90 telescope and the camera was a Philips fun wed cam and the software i used was ready stacks 5 from Myles
  9. hi every one i used a sky max 90 and to proses it i used redex 5 thanks for what you have
  10. Hi to all Hope you like this pic of jupiter it is my best one so far and please give me feed back of what you think. From Myles
  11. hi nick nice put you stiched them together really well and you can see the craters so keep on going and you will get better myles
  12. thank you i am still looking for jupiter but there are to any clouds in the way so when they go there will be more pic's like this and i hope you like them all myles
  13. hi i used a skymax 90 telliscope and a smothing fun philips wedcam myles with barlow
  14. hi hope you like this picture this is the best one i have dun so hope you like it and all coments are wellcome thank you myles
  15. hi theese are the one's that are my best the one were you can see the red dot is the one were my unkle hepled me but the one that is not as good is the one that has a blue line under it so i hope you like them and any coments are well comeand if any one has somethink that they think can help me please say thank you myles
  16. Myles


    i am using registax 5 now but i will try all the one that you have said to me and thanks for the help myles
  17. hi i used a skymax 90 and to get that close to jupiter i used a philips toucam fun cam and i used registax 5 that is wat i am using to make it how it is
  18. Myles


    hi it optemices and stacks the pictures and then you can change the bright nes and the graficks to make it the best it can be myles
  19. Myles


    hi i used readex 5
  20. hi these are a copple i have takon on the 16/10/10 hope you like them and all coments are wellcome from myles
  21. Myles


    hi these are the ones that i tuck on the 16/10/10 hope you like them and all coments are wellcome from myles
  22. hi wat a grate pic of jupiter how did you get it in so close myles
  23. hi they are so good what did you use to get it so close and what are you useing to get such a good pic myles
  24. hi that is really good you can really see the ringes around it and the big spot myles
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