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  1. Fantastic image Rob! Did you add a few star spikes or is there something causing them?
  2. Nice everything details there! Fantastic image Avdhoeven
  3. These are great Luke and cool that your contributing to the MPC at Harvard
  4. Hey Rob glad your feeling better. The Cocoon is one of my fave nebs and i think this image is one of your best yet! And for just messing about i think the Heart image looks brilliant All the best
  5. Woah Baz thats great, i look forward to seeing the show too!
  6. Awesome work Baz, been really enjoying the updates, be a shame when its all finished lol And i know what you mean about bad knee's too, mine click and pop like rice crispies
  7. I'm with E and Gina, a spectacular masterpiece! Wow!
  8. I must have done something when i was changing the settings to make the comet visible as i have just turned my pc back on and checked again and its where it should be now! Thanks and good luck seeing the comet everyone Jamie
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