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  1. I haven't watched any of the Human Universe episodes yet but I do follow Prof Brian Cox on Twitter and he just tweeted: "FOR LAST TIME: I think life is common in universe. We MAY be only civ. in Milky Way. There WILL be other civilisations in univ."
  2. I caught a slight red/purple tinge to the sky around 10:15pm here in Lincolnshire but nothing else unfortunately. It was a great night to be out though, I could hear Barn and Tawny owls hunting, the moon looked an awesome dark red as it rose and the fog looked incredible, made for an interesting and slightly scary bike ride home! lol
  3. Wow Rob you've been busy! Fantastic set of images, i'm looking forward to seeing M31 when its finished
  4. Great stuff Stuart if an animal was ever to be described as magical then it has to be the incredible Barn Owl
  5. Hey Jim, great to hear your doing well and are back posting again! Fantastic images All the best
  6. One of my favourite nebs, brilliant image Stuart
  7. Spine tinglingly spectacular! Congrats on what is a truly stunning image Jonas
  8. Fantastic images Stewart I too completely missed this, not often you feel like puking from missing out on something lol
  9. Awesome to see this in a WOV, fantastic image Olly
  10. Hey Bobby nice one I think you nearly always need longer subs to get more data but if you can only get around 20 sec subs with your tracking then you keep getting them and get as many as you can and stack those bad boys together. I haven't done much processing and I think M31 is quite tough to process but i'm sure someone who knows more than me will help out. All the best
  11. I was out for a couple of hours and I too counted around 50 that I saw directly and probably saw another 20 or 30 out the corner of my eye. It was a great display, i don't usually make much effort to go out to watch meteor showers but after tonight's i'm definitely going to now!
  12. This is one of the most stunning and detailed image's i've seen of Orion! Wow!
  13. Lovely image Stewart I recently bought a Samyang 14 but it was soft wide open with strong coma across the entire frame so i sent it back, just waiting for the money then i'm going to order another and hope i get a better copy.
  14. I completely agree with Olly, spectacular image Hytham!
  15. Brilliant image Martin, think its one of the most detailed i have seen of the Cocoon
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