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  1. Wow, congrats Tony this is a fantastic image! Absolutely brilliant!
  2. I love the amount of stars in this, brilliant image Michael, what's the exposure time on this please?
  3. Great image Vik, I thought this was a stacked image when I first saw it, awesome amount of stars there
  4. That's a right bobby dazzler, brilliant
  5. Absolutely! Speculating about the universe and extra-terrestrial life and wondering about what is out there is one of the most fun things about space Probably just a bunch of comets though lol
  6. Awesome stuff Stuart That mount looks like a bit of a beast, is that 5 minutes unguided you were doing with it?
  7. Congrats Stuart you should be chuffed, brilliant pic
  8. I'd be chuffed with any of them images Baz, hope you get it all up and running smoothly soon
  9. I had the same problem with mine and ended up bending that bolt into an L shape with my bare hands getting it out!
  10. I was just reading yesterday about something called Leaping Sundogs and came across this article http://forgetomori.com/2011/science/a-new-natural-phenomenon-crown-flash/ "Some US satellites carry transient radiometric sensors capable of recording atmospheric visible-light flashes such as lightning and bright meteors" And more info here for anyone interested http://amasci.com/amateur/sundog.html
  11. Great vid and good tune to go with it!
  12. Brilliant work Martin and great to see how you progressed
  13. I understand what Uplooker means but if it was clouded out you'd have missed most of the other things you'd have experienced on the ground anyway, including of course the most important thing. Awesome images Bish
  14. Awesome image Kev and definitely a time when the clouds help and add so much to an image
  15. A mate of mine text me a similar pic earlier asking the same question. His pic looked like lens flare but the lens flare showed the eclipsed sun, whereas in his pic the sun itself was too bright to see the eclipse happening. So without seeing your pic i'd say its probably lens flare Edit: You posted the pic as I was replying, looks like what he showed me too but pretty cool the lens flare shows the eclipsed sun rather than the sun itself
  16. Be careful with them too as one of mine became slightly bent and got stuck inside, after a long time of trying to get it out and nearly giving up and sending my mount back I finally managed to get it free with the bolt bent about 90 degrees. I think other people have had similar problems so I highly recommend getting some replacement bolts!
  17. Had a good 4 or 5 hours of snow last night but its all melting now, still was nice to see and on boxing day too!
  18. Sorry if this has already been posted, this is one of the most stunning Aurora videos I've ever seen!! http://vimeo.com/113094940
  19. Do a quick google search and a browse through some of the UFO threads that appear on SGL, astronomers have and do see UFO's, no doubt about it, what they are is another matter and of course the last thing is probably aliens. Its an interesting subject though, there is a lot of rubbish on tv about it etc but some proper mysteries too, I think pilot cases with radar evidence are some of the most interesting.
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