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Image Comments posted by Quatermass

  1. Thank you, I am also getting back into it again upgraded to another 200p and EQ5 mount and looking to get it all set up for imaging once again but the moon is allways a good subject to get started  on and I love looking at it. Been a good 5 years or more though so its going to take a while to shake off all those cobwebs.





    I think this one and the Triffid Nebula are my favourite shots from 5 years of astrophotography M31 is quite a tricky one to get right and it took a lot of effort to finally capture the data I needed to draw out all the detail. Not just that but the learning curve required to get the processing methods was a good 3 years work so don't be disappointed if you try and it just comes out all wrong keep on going and you will get it right remember, no pain no gain in this game.


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    blue moon


    Hi Rich sorry for not replying for ages I moved house and sold all my stuff but now catching up on any comments. This was done with my canon 350d to sharpen the image I use photoshops sharpen filter which does a great job at bringing out more detail.




    Sorry been away for some time moving house and all, I used a Lumix digital camera my wife's held against the eyepiece and my 200p with a Barlow and wide eyepiece just messing around really surprising the results you can get.


  2. Sorry for not replying to some of the comments been away from imaging for a bit. You can find all you need to know about my set up and what I do on my blog at www.astrocasto.blogspot.com where I have kept an online diary of my progress from when I first started.

  3. Thank you chaps it was taken on a very dark night unguided with about 75 subs half at 60 seconds half at 120 ISO 1600 and 800 with a few short subs to save burning out the core. With my 200p and canon 350d glad you like it.

  4. Brilliant shot! Skyliner 200P or Explorer 200P?

    Cheers this was done with my skywatcher 200p unguided and is about 80 subs at 80 sec each with 60 darks flats and bias stacked in deepskystacker and finished in photoshop. Taken on very dark night in perfect conditions which makes a massive difference.

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