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  1. I have also just realizeed that I am using the PolarFinder software upside down. I had assumed that the top (12 o'clock) position in the software was the 6'oclock position through the finder scope. I have just noticed a tick box in the software that says "view through scope", which in my case was ticked. Therefore my transit time was wrong. I need to match the 6'oclock to 6'oclock image in the software and the scope with the correct transit time. so much to learn... David
  2. Thank you for the comments. If I do (a) or ( I get different results, which makes me think I m doing somthing wrong. In Method ( the last step "Unlock the RA axis and rotate the mount until RA setting circle indicator points at Zero". Exactly what should be pointing at what? The setting circle indicator is the "cast" metal arrow/triangle on the body of the mount, but what "zero" should it point to? the only zero that moves is the date/longitudinal scale. I know it is proberbly simple, but that in someways it what is driving me round in circles. regards David
  3. Hi, I have a question on a popular topic. Polar alignment I have aligned the polarscope and reticule to the mount (HEQ5) and have set (correctly I think) the correct date and time for transit for my location. This all made sense to me. It is the next bit that I have confused my self with. I have read two methods of achieving the same thing, but I am unsure which is correct. (a) Set the RA circle to 0 hours, 0 minutes and tighten the set screw to lock the circle in place. Unlock the RA lock knob and rotate the mount in RA until the current date on the date scale lines up with the current time on the RA circle. ( Unlock the RA axis and rotate the mount so the Date Scale Indicator is pointing at the current date. Lock the RA axis. Loosen and move the RA Setting Circle to show the current time. Tighten the Setting Circle. Unlock the RA axis and rotate the mount until RA setting circle indicator points at Zero. Which is the correct method (a) or ( What puzzles me for method (a) is that the RA circle always points to 0 and never moves during the alignment and during use - if it never moves why do we have the option to move and lock it. BTW: any idea why Astro Baby's site is down?
  4. Hi all, just spent a while getting the mount setup and the scope coming to temperture, ready for tonights clear skys. As a newbie: how do I turn on the illumination for the polarscope? When I used the scope lasst week, i thought it was odd that I could not see the polarscope reticlue. But tonight in bright sunlight I can clearly see an led in front of the polarscope when looking from the top, and a torch confirms it. Alas I am at a lose on how to turn it on. Any thoughts. Is it possible it is not connected, do I need to do something with the synscan contoller? I have done a search I cannot see the answer I am looking for. Help regards David
  5. Thanks for the replies. I must admit I did not check to see if I was level - an amateur mistake, I was in too much of a rush to see what was out there in case the clouds rolled in. I know I need to work on my Polaris alignment, I did a rough alignment, but could not see the reticule in the polar scope - black lines at night do not show up very well ) So far I love the scope and mount and have had a lot of fun setting it up and starting to learn about how telescopes and mounts work. I bought the Revelation set of eyepieces as they were also a Sky at Night winner and the quality is much better than the ones supplied with the scope. I do intend to buy some additional better quality EPs as well - I know it sounds like I am getting carried away, but my excuse is photography which I have been doing for far too long, and the basic principle is the better the optics the better the image and certainly with my cameras. regards David
  6. I am very new to astronomy and bought a HEQ5 Synscan with 200p on Friday. Monday managed to get outside and see Jupliter and the four moons - very impressive. Tonight I got to see Jupiter again, M31 and the ring nebula. I find it quite astonishing that I can see so much detail, especialy Jupiter. I do have one small quirk tonight. Using a two star alignment (vega & Dubhe), the scope tracks to the ring nebula perfectly to the center of the EP. Jupiter it is always out and I had to move the finder and 200p back to center. Any ideas why the ring nebula is perfectly centered and Jupiter is not, could I have aligned on the wrong stars? Could my polar alignment be causing the problemm certainy my compass needs binning, it seems to stick a lot. Any thoughts from the experts? David
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