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  1. Just sold a VMC 110l at the weekend, great scope, easy to use. I have used it on a manfrotto 55b photo tripod, either with a ball head or the geared head I have. Also have the Vixen Porta mount II, which is a great mount that I currently use with a Mak127 and surprisingly handles a TAL 100RS (with a bit of vibration). Great Scope the 110l, only sold it as I had more than I can use. regards David
  2. I have got it to work now. Had to screw it in and about a few times to get the thread to bed in. Regards David
  3. Mine arrived yesterday and I have just set it up and had a good look at the goldfinches feeding at the other end of the garden. All in all a very nice scope, looks and feels a lot more than it cost. Does anyone know what the screw in reticle is for that comes with the scope. I tried fitting it to the EPS the scope came with, but in all cases the reticule was out of focus, I could not move into into the ep far enough for focuse. regards David
  4. Just done this myself after a trip to Wilkinsons in Kingston. Stripped the 200p down to the tube, measured two strips to do the tube length ways using only two sheets and using plenty of soapy water eased the first sheet in place, spent a few minutes smoothing bubbles out, then added the second sheet with a 5mm overlap to the first sheet and it is now drying overnight for reassembley tomorrow. So far looks good and the Wilkinson flocking had no issues with the amount of water I used, small amound of flocking flecks on my hand as I smoothed and pushed out bubbles, but no major issues. regards David The water and washing-up liquard trick makes it very easy to corect alignment issues and helps in smoothing the bubbles out.
  5. another one ordered It is a Christmas present to myself after reading AstroBaby's review it was too tempting and it certainly beats the warm socks I am likely to get at Christmas. David
  6. The Baader zoom is great. I also have baader EP's from 2.5mm to 24mm for the Skywatcher 200 Newt, but I love the zoom on the mak 127 great EP and versitile. regards David
  7. Matt requested some photos, so here they are My apologies for the clutter, I need to sort the garage out again. The slow mo controls are plastic rods, which I keep meaning to replace, proberbly the weakest part of the porta mount package. The good thing is the controls can fit either side of the control shaft, so they can point away or towards you. I find the mount with the Mak 127 quick and easy to use. regards David
  8. I bought my mak127 as an OTA. The finder on mine is in the 7'oclock position when mounted and looking at the back of the scope. To be honest it is not in an ideal position, but does not bother me that much. I use the finder (RDF) to get a rough location then using the baader zoom (works well on this scope), I start off at the lowest power center in the EP and zoom in if needed. I use an RDF which is quite compact, if I used a finderscope on the tall bracket that I have seen in some photos, it would be a problem. regards David
  9. I use a Mak127 on a porta II with no issues (for me anyway). I do use a red dot finder and use the setup as a grab and go between clouds. david
  10. Thaks, I have just run some 300, 600 and 900 seconds in the garage and cannot locate the column problem. All frames from last night had it, and it is only the red channel, I will just keep an eye on it and see what happens. The QHY8 is second hand, but other than this oddity appears to be perfect. regards David
  11. Not sure it is a streak, it is on all frames and appears to about a pixel wide. Looks worse in the stacked image because there are now three streaks where I adjusted the RGB channels. I have just set the camera up in the garage to run some test to see what happens. I also spent some time cleaning the sensor, filters and scope before I used it. All cleaning was done using visible dust sensor cleaning fluids and swabs, same stuff I use on my dslrs. Regards David
  12. Last night was a battle with the moon and it was also the first time I tried using a QHY8 I picked up recently. I choose IC1396 and using nebulosity2 took 53 x 300sec images at a gain of 1 and offset of 130. When I stack the images in DSS and then process in Pixinsight, there is a vertical line on the right hand side, now that I have taken a closer look at most of the light frames I can see the line present in each of them. Can you advise what it is and what I can do to fix it, I am starting to think it is from the camera, but not sure why? regards David
  13. Wow, thank you everyone, I will take a good look and work out what I need. David
  14. I use all of the above on Win7 64bit with no issues and I have the QHY5v regards David
  15. That is just what I need. I discovered in my box of goodies a T2 to M48 adapter, but alas not a M48 to T2. Thank you Martin.
  16. Hi, I have just picked up a QHY8 to try insteed of my Canon 1000d. My setup is the Skywatcher 80ed with the matched skywatcher focal reducer. The reducer has a 48mm thread and the Qhy8 has a T2. I need to add about 34mm between the QHY8 and the reducer. I believe the QHY8 distance from sensor is 21mm and the reducer needs 55mm, so I need to both join the camera to the reducer with an adapter and add 34mm. Does anyone know if there is an adapter for the skywatcher 48mm to T2 and then what would be the best way of adding the missing distance, I am guessing T2 tubes like the baader ones? All help appreciated for new adventure regards David
  17. One other tip. When you reassemble and put the battery in make sure you close the battery door fully, otherwise the camera will not power up, it caught me out for a minute until I realised the door has a switch that needs to be closed. Regards David
  18. I did the mod over the summer with no problems. I sellotaped each screw I removed to a sheet of paper as I went along to avoid getting them mixed up or lost. Not had a chance to try the camera on the scope since the mod, but the camera takes photos fine, no noticable problems with the exception of white balance, which is to be expected. regards David
  19. I was one of the customers that recieved a NEQ6 at the weekend with only the losmandy saddle. FLO have been quick to reply to my concern and sent the on loan ADM losmandy adapter which arrived today. The ADM is excellently made as is all ADM kit. Great service from FLO and Martin, what more could anyone ask for. regards David
  20. I decided to but the Manfrotto 410, which arrived the other day. Very solid build quality. I understand the comment about it being a bit stiff, but it appears to be a good solution for a travel mount and it also fits a macro purpose for my photography. Thank you for all the suggestions. regards David
  21. I have most of the hyperion EPs (3.5 to 24mm) and recently bought the zoom as well. I bought the zoom for a holiday kit I am putting together with a Vixen VMC-110l OTA. The couple of times I have tried the combination in the garden I have been impressed with the zoom - in one package I can go from 8mm to 24mm with a good clear image. I have yet to try the zoom on a faster OTA such as the 200p, but so far it is perfect with the little Vixen. regards David
  22. If you remove the stopper coller the whole unit can then fit inside a 2" focusing tube - this is then reliant on the item to which you have attached the MPCC to control the correct distances etc. With the collar the MPCC can only sit in/on a 2" focuser. If you look at the PDF linked by Chris above you will see what I mean in some of the photos. regards David
  23. I did take a look at the manfrotto geared heads earlier today, and have looked at them in the past for macro photography. I may take that route as it will be useful for both astronomy and photography. I have not used the vixen 110 yet, other than in daylight with a couple of baader EPs, I was hoping to give it a try tonight, but there appears to be a lot of clouds and Saturn is hiding behind one. Regards David
  24. I changed the focuser on my skywatcher ED 80 for the Moonlite focuser. The fitting was simple. Undo the three screws holding the stock focuser to the tube, and slide it out the tube. Fitting the Moonlite was the reverse. Very simple job and the quality of the Moonlite is fantastic. I did have to order the FLO adapter so I could still use the matched skywatcher focal reducer with the new focuser - not a big deal but worth remembering if you decide to replace the focuser with any other 3rd party focuser. Regards David
  25. I am starting to think about my summer holiday near in a small village in Spain. Last year the sky was wonderful clear and full of sights, Saturn was also clearly visible. This year I am planning on taking more than a pair of binoculars. I have bought the Vixen VMC-110L scope, it weighs 2kg, is small and very well made. At the moment I have mounted it onto a carbon photo tripod with ball head. What other solutions are there for a lightweight small mount (head) that can be attached to a photo tripod, but provide a good experience. The only mounts I have seen like this are the Vixen Porta mounts. Does anyone have experience with these mounts, are they worth it, or are there alternatives that I could look at that will not break the bank:) regards David
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