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  1. Maybe we've got the speed of light wrong.
  2. Infra-red bins for watching wildlife during those periods when clouds pass.
  3. I wonder how much it would cost to boost it way out into a far orbit and just park it in storage? Could be useful in the future and seems such a waste of all the energy getting it up that far.
  4. What a totally fantastic picture that is! Truly gorgeous.
  5. Probably just money laundering.
  6. Does the total mass of the books you own affect how fast you read?
  7. I feel your pain. I did exactly the same years ago in my MGB drivers door. I remember the terrible pain and then the stark realisation that I had to rummage for my car keys to unlock the door. All the time looking at the tiny gap in the door that half my thumb disappeared into and wondering if it was severed. Fortunately it wasn't but hurt like blazes for three days and turned black and blue. Good luck with yours BTW.
  8. Superb! What a great find.
  9. You could try Phil at Fuji Image Service - Photographic Processing in Fleet (Fuji Mini Lab) He's pretty good at accommodating personal requirements if you give him a call.
  10. Hmmm... a rather large box has appeared by the xmas tree
  11. Would this mount take a Nexstar 8 tube? Or is that a bit too heavy. I'm looking for a 80-100mm frac at the moment for some photography and just wondered if the 8" would go on it meanwhile. JN
  12. Congratulations chaps. I just spent 20 minutes with that shot on my hi-res monitor in pure wonder. Absolutely awesome. Well done indeed.
  13. Hmmm.... Is this the hidden European agenda: 1. Get the UK to shift to CET. 2. Move the Prime Meridian to a small village in Lichtenstein just for a laugh.
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