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  1. Danny If you are thinking of controlling the tracing pad or LED strip from your PC. I and others on here have had success using Arduino SGP and the software I use Voyager can control the brightness of the light box automagically. Couple of links that may help. https://github.com/jwellman80/ArduinoLightbox/blob/master/LEDLightBoxAlnitak.ino Graham
  2. As the Mesu is a friction drive there is negligible PEC so not worth bothering with. I have built a sky model using Sitech and it helps with accuracy over the whole sky. The model should be renewed when the installation is changed (anything that needs rebalancing the mount). As I think you have seen the mount can do great GoTo`s after one Offset Init. A few Mesu users have mentioned on here that they just do a blind plate solve, Offset Init, then GoTo to there target for the evening. I admit that is the way I run the mount now and I have no complaints about the accuracy. If you are happy with the GoTo`s and the Guiding, just get out there every time you can and enjoy the great mount you own Graham
  3. Strange I have found it to be very stable. Better than Prism v10 with which I only I only had one problem (aborting guiding) A lot of users get comfortable with a piece of software. Then when they try something else, if its not similar or does things differently then it is back to what they know. I have not looked at ATP So I have no idea how stable it is. Voyager uses Ascom Drivers and runs an observatory with no problems. Lots of SGP users out there. (Nearly said happy) Graham
  4. Hi As far as I know there are not a lot of Voyager users on here. So I thought I would mention the new feature that has just been added to Voyagers Web Dashboard. (You don't need Remote desktops with Voyager) Its Virtual Field of View. It allows you to choose a target, frame it with a rotator if you have one. You can move the image around and when you are happy send the scope straight to the coordinates with precise GoTo. Or you can save the position to Voyagers RoboClip which will make it available for future use in one of your sequences. The coordinates can be saved to the clipboard as well. The whole Dashboard is very slick and only requires focuser control to be added to make it complete. Dashboard can be used on the base machine, over the local network or over the web. http://www.starkeeper.it/wdash/?107 I am just a happy Voyager user. Graham
  5. You can of course guide with PHD2, but it will not interact with Prism. Prism is designed to not require external software. I haven't got access to my Observatory PC right now. Is there a native DSI driver in Prism? Is there a Ascom driver available? I had problems with a Lodestar CCD guide camera and changing the driver in the control panel sort the problem. I found this in the Prism French forum. (view in Chrome) So the DSI does (or did) seem to work with Prism. The guy had access to the camera and its controls. http://www.prism-astro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2163&p=11797&hilit=DSI+2#p11797 I found the Prism guider worked very well once setup. Overall Prism works well. Saying that I have moved on to using Voyager now. Hope you get sorted. Graham
  6. Hi Rodd, Voyager from Starkeeper has a built in Native ZWO driver which works well with the 1600 pro. (gain and offset are adjustable) Voyager integrates with Software such as your Maxim DL, The Sky, PHD2, It can automate your whole nights imaging. Automate as much as you want up to a full observatory. https://software.starkeeper.it/ Graham
  7. Hi Dave Dan at Sitech has done work on the INDI driver. It only needs the INDI installer setup to be sorted out. Probably 6 monthes ago I tried to contact the INDI developer a few times as he needed a Raspbery pi/Mesu setup that he could Remote into to set things up and check everything worked. I got no replies to my contacts. So it is ready to go if someone can get togeather with the INDI developer. Or so I was told. Because to Mesu driver was so long in comming I have got more and more intangled with windows Graham
  8. QHY268c Features and specification are here. Manual is in the download section. Modes are explained and it looks like it can be bin 2 x 2. https://www.qhyccd.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=94&id=56
  9. Hi Jonk. Have you seen this document https://usermanual.wiki/Document/mesuquickguide.2087302805/html I assume you have the latest Mesu. This doc is for the 200 Mk1 but you may find it useful at the beginning. Graham
  10. Ole Mesu has the option to have USB or serial input. I use serial. With the limited amount of USB ports on these mini PC's I could use a serial/RS232 port if fitted. Otherwise as you say I would have to use a USB serial adapter. Regards Graham
  11. Hi Sorry for my late reply. Thanks to you all for you suggestions and ideas. I now see that I don't need anything with to much power to run the setup at the pier but as Xplode (Ole) says a bit of future proofing would not go amiss. I am now looking at a Mini PC from HP or Dell. There are lots of options new, second hand and refurbished. I found this, but it`s a Celeron, Rams to small, HD to small, but it has TWO serial ports https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/grade-a1-asus-pb40-bc056zd-celeron-n4100-4gb-32gb-windows-10-pro-desktop-a1-pb40-bc056zd-oss/version.asp Many thanks again Graham
  12. Hi I am thinking of getting a mini PC to fit on the pier or maybe on the Scope. I have no Idea how powerful a pc I need. So could anyone advise. I will want to run Win 10 Pro. 1 USB 3.0. 1 USB 2. I spotted this. Also has the option of a Com port which would be nice. ASUS PN40-BB013M BGA 1090 1.10GHz https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-PN40-BB013M-1-10GHz-N4000-0-69L/dp/B07KYWR678/ref=pd_sbs_147_img_0/257-6858872-3436807?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07KYWR678&pd_rd_r=c720a30d-b8c2-41cf-bf4b-1f8ac60d6834&pd_rd_w=byBS6&pd_rd_wg=kg1st&pf_rd_p=e44592b5-e56d-44c2-a4f9-dbdc09b29395&pf_rd_r=943KMX9PR4G5Y54CXMET&psc=1&refRID=943KMX9PR4G5Y54CXMET Any Good? Many thank Graham
  13. Hi I would like to mention the excellent service I have received from Dave Trewren at SharpSky. I have owned a SharpSky controller and focuser Motor unit for a year. After my initial email inquiring about the SharpSky Pro. Dave requested some pictures and a few measurements of the Focucer that the unit was to be fitted to. He then manufacturers a custom bracket to fit the focuser. Communication was excellent with all emails answered the same day. Shipping was included in the price. The SharpSky Pro is great value for money. The unit is very robust, reliable and both the controller unit and motor look great in their aluminum enclosures. Also included in the unit is a temperature measurement sensor (focuser and remote) and 4 remotely operated Dew controllers. My unit has been operating reliably for a year. I have recently had no hesitation in ordering a second motor unit to pair up with my new refactor. I have received the same superb service from Dave with my resent order. The unit was received and fitted 5 days after my initial inquiry. That included making the custom bracket and it was over the weekend. The SharpSky Pro is defiantly worth a look if you are after a focuser unit and one that has some great additional features. https://www.sharpsky.net/ Graham
  14. Hi SharpSky Focuser motor arrived and fitted straight on with no problems. I managed to get some frames using manual focus before the SharpSky arrived. To my eye the stars are round right out to the corners. Prism analysis shows stars pointing round the center, not pointing towards the center. This a very small elongation. Do I need to go longer on the FF spacing or shorter? Graham
  15. Hi Having spent time and money on my RC10 I decided I needed to do something with a wider field of view. After reading reports from SGL members and looking at the few reviews available I ordered an Esprit 100 and FF about 5 weeks ago. It arrived last Saturday. What a superb instrument it is, I`m pleased with my choose so far. RC10 is consigned to hide under the desk until a duel mounting bar arrives. For now the Esprit is mounted on the Mesu on its own. Cables are all to long and it all looks a mess but I have it installed and all I am missing is an additional SharpSky Pro motor unit which is on order. Last night I managed to find focus on the scope and OAG then clouds appeared. Not first Light but hopefully this next week. Image train is ASI 1600, TS T2 9mm converter, Atik EFW2 filter wheel (baarder 36mm filters) ZWO OAG. Sensor to FF distance is 55.85mm at the moment. So not sure if that's ok. But I would rather be under size here then I can add thin spacers until the images look right. A new member of the Esprit 100 club From this To This
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