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  1. Camera is in good condition and in full working order. Works great with my OAG. There is always stars visible to guide on. It comes in its original box and includes original items shown in the pics. £315 delivered Posted to the UK only. Payment via paypal (friends + family) or direct transfer preferred.
  2. For Sale Atik EFW2 Motorised Filter Wheel. Item is in full working order. 7x 36mm (unmounted) carousel fitted. Hex keys, O-rings, screws and washers for filter mounting included. 2" Adapter T2 connection on camera side. There are no cables included in this sale Reason for sale. Moving to a QHY wheel. £235.00 Shipping included. I will accept payment via PayPal as a gift or Direct bank transfer.
  3. The 174 is not cheap but it has more uses than just as a guide camera. QHY version is even more expensive. If you can reliably hold the front section of the X2. I think machining is the neatest solution. I have the TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.79x 3" ED Reducer which looks like the new version of the Altair reducer you mention. On the Altair site the two examples of spacing setup are both over the 51.5mm ideal spacing. So It might be worth giving it a try. Altair quote a 5mm tolerance. I wish all Reducers were so tolerant Initially I will fit the 268 to my TS 0.79, SW Esprit 100 combina
  4. Xsub What 130 Scopes (F number) and Reduces are you using? Have you used the scope and reducer combination already and found that 52mm works? As Starflyer has mentioned the ASI 174MM Mini would help as the BF is listed as 8.5mm. You mentioned the guide camera housing is (with blue ring) is 38mm deep. The ASI 174MM Mini is 40.7 from the nose to the start of the Fins. So that is getting close as well. But it should be ok I have a 268/FW and OAG on the way, I also I have as many probably will a Lodestar X2. So It looks like a change of guide camera may be coming. Regards
  5. ZWO off-axis guider (OAG) Unit is in very good condition and comes in its original box. All original parts are included. 1.25” holder 5mm extension M42 Adapter M48 Adapter M48-M42 Adapter Alen key £75.00 including postage and packing. Thanks for looking.
  6. For sale Atik OAG unit. Item is in good condition with only a few surface scratches due to use. The prism has no chips or defects of any kind and the unit is in full working order. Guider can be fitted directly to the Atik EFW2 Motorised filter wheel if required. Mounting screws and alen keys are included. There are no extension rings included in this sale. £85.00 including postage and packing. Thanks for looking.
  7. Altair 60mm Guide scope Kit With a 1.25" non-rotating Micro focuser. All in original box. Including all original parts and fittings. In very good condition. It has never been fitted or used. £85 including shipping. Thanks for looking
  8. I have for sale Baader UV/IR filter size 2" Very good condition and never fitted or used. Includes original instructions and packaging. £50.00 including Shipping. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi I almost sure you need the "GEM auto Flip Go To" ticked in Sitech. The mount should track passed the meridian up to your 2 degree limit. Or it will be flipped by NINA within that time. I may be wrong, give it a try. Graham
  10. Steve I read in the NINA forum that they are working towards Dome support. Weather is now supported and Switch's. I have not looked at what Weather does when it detects an unsafe condition. There is an option at the moment to run a script when the sequence finishes. So that could close the dome/roof. Unless I missed it I don't see an option to run a script at the beginning of a sequence. Graham
  11. Steve Mr Browns Dew Controller looks very interesting as well as a Myfocuser. On the MySQM project he recommends the Mega and not the Nano but the PCB appears to be for the Nano. Which Arduino did you use and what functions did you fit? Graham
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