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  1. I have a SW Esprit 100 fitted with the TS 0.79x 3" FR (on Göran recommendation) and I am very pleased with the combination. Regards Graham
  2. Thank you Paul, A custom f8 collimator is the perfect solution. It's printing now. Merlin, I will be ordering the optics next week. including 25 x 25 600 l/mm grating. Thanks, I'm sure there will be plenty of questions about the BASS project Regards Graham
  3. Hi My Lowspec is just about printed with only a few parts to complete. I have a questions. I hope Paul or an experienced user can help. I will be using a RC10 F8 scope. What combination of part 08 collimatorlens holder f10 and grating type will give the best results. Many thanks Graham
  4. Hi All, First I would like to thank Alan (Symmetal) for his help with this project. He pointed me towards using KiCAD. Then spent his valuable time carrying out most of the work. Thanks Alan Ok this is how for we have got so far. Its a double sided board 79 x 43. Berger file is generated and all I have to do is send it to the pcb manufacture of my choice. Graham
  5. Paul, No its ok. I thought is might be updated when ever you uploaded a new part or modification. Graham
  6. Hi Paul, I'm pretty much a beginner using Cura. So there may be an option to print different areas at different settings. I will have a look. Printing the cover at 0.1mm would take a while PETG carbon was new and straight out of a sealed bag. I will have another try today. Question. Is the Lowspec 3 Fusion 360 whole model on Thingiverse file automatically kept up to date as updates are applied? Graham
  7. Greg, Thanks for the information. I did find them hidden in Experimental. At the moment I am going with the normal support. I wonder if it would be a good idea to just make a hole in the cover and print a separate thread insert to take the Grating holder cap. That way you could print the cover fairly fast and the Grating thread insert slow with the optimum setting for thread printing. Insert would then be glued in later. At the moment I am having a problem with PETG carbon. Every where it says it sticks to every bed surface to well. But after a successful test print I cant get it to stick. It just drag's around and forms a ball around the nozzle. Many Thanks Graham
  8. Fozzy I just looked at Fritzing. I uploaded another Gerber file and ready to order in seconds. 18Euro for three boards from Germany and free shipping. Great. Alan They also accept KiCad files Thanks Fozzy Graham
  9. RL This is going to be for a very limited number of boards so I was looking to keep the cost down. Alan KiCad looks interesting. I will install it tonight and have a look at what it can do. I may take you up on your offer to get me started. Julian I use Fusion 360 and have now installed Eagle. I must have been looking in the wrong place, the library didn't seem that big to me. There was no Nano which is my main component. Thanks all for your recommendations. Graham
  10. The same photographic one. Thanks for the manual link. I've just had a look back through the thread. It a pity your F/L v`s Turns graph dos`nt go up to 2000mm Graham
  11. Dave Thanks for the information. I have ordered one from FLO. I only put my Esprit on the mount a couple of weeks ago. I will replace it with the RC10 when it gets dark again and see what results I get. Many thanks Graham
  12. Hi Has anyone any experience of generating a PCB layout from a Schismatic drawing. I know there is software that can do it but I have no idea where to start. So if you have used anything first hand and could point me towards a free solution that would be great. Board is relativly simple with a Arduino naro, couple of chips, plugs, connectors etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Graham
  13. Bruce You are probably correct. F/L varies between batches. The Ronchi eyepiece should allow the user to set the correct F/L to suit there instrument. Whatever it is. What problems did you encounter when using the Ronchi? Graham
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