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  1. Prism Pro

    In the unregistered trial it is possible to start two instances of Prism Pro. It did complain that there was on other instance already running but that was all. One on each screen. I only have two CCD`s. Started the Lodestar on one screen and then started Atik 383 on the other screen. This is just on the bench but I could independently control and take images on both ccd`s with no complaints from Prism. This may not be the case if you were using a registered version. I have stuck with testing the pro version as that is the one I would go for. You can always upgrade to Advanced later. RayD Would you not have one install of Prism on your Scope/Capture PC (Eagle2) Then transfer data to your House, remote desktop, processing PC with second install (you can only have two PC install`s of Prism) of Prism and PI, PS etc. Graham
  2. Micro/mini computers

    David I have been looking at these https://www.ambros.co.uk/product-category/shuttle-pcs/shuttle-barebones/ particularly this one https://www.ambros.co.uk/computer-shop/shuttle-dx30-barebone/ A little bigger than your 12 x 12 x 5mm You fit a small SSD card or HD plus memory. You have to provide the operating system which is an additional cost, Win 10in your case. WiFi can be upgraded to the latest ac speed. Then you have to look at can you ISP`s router do keep up with that. Graham
  3. Prism Pro

    Hamza A very nice image. Can I ask what software was used in the prossesing. Priism I see has some prossesing tools built in. Graham
  4. Prism Pro

    I was about post about Prism to ask what users think. Support is there at the moment and questions are answered very quickly. I think the 80 day trial period is very good. Although the way the weather is you could go 80days without a good night to try it under the stars. At the moment I think you can only have two machines with the software installed. I think for me three machines would be good. Mini PC in the OB, Desktop for processing, and a laptop as a backup and for when I am working away from home. I have asked about the duel imaging camera setup. This is only available in the Advanced version at the moment. I know not everyone wants to run dual imaging rig but a DSLR piggyback on the main scope running within the one application may be of interest to a lot more users. Has anyone started on the free trial? What are your first impressions? Graham
  5. Fellside OB is water tight

    After a short break from the OB (6 days work) Externally there are a few small jobs to do and thats it. Internally again not a lot to do, Ceiling is just insulation at the moment, this will be paneled over when I have time. Motorized ROR to do, I have all the parts but I need a few bits sorting out on a lathe, I`m thinking about that. To start with I have moved in the image processing Games PC. This has all the software to get the mount up and running loaded. A mini PC will follow when things are running reliably and remote operation can start. Because there is no way to see a terrestrial target when the scope is mounted on the pier I set everything up outside. The RC10 has spacers that are used to space the equipment away from the back plate, But which one or how many. Got all setup on a old Workmate Popped in a diagonal and an eye piece and went straight to focus with one 25mm spacer. Moved on to setting up the final imaging train. Struggled a bit and did`nt get to focus on the main camera let alone the OAG. Then it started to rain and had to move inside real quick. Got everything setup on the pier and it all looked good. Last night I went with just the Lobestar to simplify things while setting the polar alignment. All sorted using PHD2 but I was not impressed by the Mesu method of locking and moving the the axis. Steel knurled wheels wore through my finger and thumb. Should`nt have had things locked so tight. Anyway the night raced by and I packed up about 4AM. I haven't been out all night for a long time (with a telescope) Well worth all the work to get this far.
  6. self levelling compound?

    I used brass shim sheets from ebay. K & S 258 Assorted Size Sheet Brass Shim .001",.002",.003",.005" Thickness 2nd1P You can cut it with scissors. So it is easy to make U shape shims to fit at each bolt location. Cheaper and less hassle than self leveling compound. Graham
  7. Virtualhere and a Raspberry Pi3-B+

    Hi Adrian Linux and Indi/KStars/Ekos is a very good combination and works well. You can give it a try by installing Ekos VM http://www.indilib.org/about/news/171-ekos-vm-1-6-released.html This will give a chance to give INDI/Ekos a try without being fully committed. If you have a windows PC that you are willing to install Ubuntu Mate on it is relatively easy to get up and running. http://indilib.org/support/tutorials/169-ekos-on-raspberry-pi-complete-guide.html This tutorial guides you through the Pi software installation. One of the best ways to setup a Pi is to use this script https://github.com/rlancaste/AstroPi3 If there are INDI Drivers available for all your kit you may fine it does just what you need. If you need any help mail me Graham
  8. Running SGPro on a Mini PC

    Adrian Thanks for the feedback. You have to give these things a try don't you. I have discovered these mini pc`s. You can buy a bare bones PC or specify what you want. Unusually most come with an RS232 (serial port) My Mesu has a serial input https://www.ambros.co.uk/computer-shop/shuttle-dx30-assembled-pc-system/ Graham
  9. Wanted an old flat pannal

    Jkulin Thanks that is good information. The Beamled panels cheap compared to others. Have you got a link to the Stage lighting film`s? Carastro Have you a link to the light panel off Ebay? Many thanks both Graham
  10. Fellside OB is water tight

    There is another the other side of the wall now. There is a SWA cable going across to a box at the base of the pier. There will be a double in there. I could fill all that space between the sockets, but I think that would be overkill. We`ll see Long days at the moment, almost looking forward to going to work in the summer!! no I lied. Graham
  11. I`m almost sure this scope is fitted with a built-in focuser collimating ring. This is used to align the image train with the primary center marked by a round donut sticker. Because of this ring you should not need to touch and collimation screw on the focuser. What additional equipment, software are you using? Graham
  12. Mesu200 serial link

    Harry Thats what I was after. From the thread you are using the cable with a serial-USB converter. is this still correct? I was thinking of getting an RJ10 telephone lead and fitting a nine pin D connector. Cheap and easy to give a try. Many thanks for you reply. Graham
  13. Mesu200 serial link

  14. Mesu200 serial link

    Hi Are there any Mesu owners using the direct serial cable input to control the mount rather than the default USB input. There has been one thread that I could find that mentions it. The thread mentions altering a jumper in the controller to allow direct serial control. I may have missed it but a cant find any reference to the jumper or where it is on the controller board in the manuals. Graham
  15. Wanted an old flat pannal

    DP Just noticed this thread, Are these panels dimmable as in the spec sheet it say Non-Dimmable. Or are they referring to the supplied LED driver. What panel voltage was your 200 x200? Many thanks Graham