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  1. Thanks everyone! New scope arrived today after setting it up and everything only had a few minutes outside before clouds came rolling over,hopefully tomorrow will bring better luck!
  2. Hello Jonathon and welcome! I can't think of many things more fascinating than space,it's been a boyhood obsession really Dan
  3. Hello Rusty and welcome from Wales! Dan
  4. Hello Paul and welcome from a fellow newcomer Dan
  5. The weather here has been pretty bad recently,have you been before? I forgot to say,i bought the skywatcher 200p with EQ5 mount from FLO,just reading up on collimation as much i can,hoping it goes smoothly!
  6. Hello all! My name is Dan,I live just outside Caernarfon in North Wales. I've been interested in astronomy and astrophysics for years and is a nice break from being stuck in a lab all day:D Decided to bite the bullet and finally buy my first telescope this week,should be here today or tomorrow! There's only one street light in a 2-3 mile radius of my house so it gets incredibly dark here,now i just need a clear night for my first viewing.
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