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  1. What time will Saturn then appear in the sky? Will it be visible between 9-10PM?
  2. Many thanks for your valued replies guys. I will be definitely sticking at it and am determined to overcome these initial frustrations. On the plus side, with Stellarium and my Telrad I feel confident in finding objects. Do i then need to loosen the screws holding the vanes? Yes i was xpecting to see concentric circles when collimated which had me wondering whether I hadn't collimates properly. It is one aspect I feel very clueless with. I will be joining my local astro group soon though so hopefully someone there will be able to help me with that. Could anyone recommend some good objects
  3. Hi guys, So, I've had my scope 3 months now but have only had the opportunity to use it half a dozen times. With the exception of Jupiter and the Moon, I've had little luck with other objects and am concerned I'm doing something wrong. I am a realist and didn't go into this expecting hubble images or anything daft, but I've been underwhelmed so far, no doubt to my own failings and being at the root of the learning curve so to speak. I would be most grateful if you could give me some pointers if I am going wrong somewhere. I'll list some of my findings in points as to keep it concise... - M
  4. Thanks twotter, I actually have the same scope as yourself so good to know they work well with it. What do you make of the stock 10mm that came with your scope? I've found it very disappointing to be honest.
  5. So after I thought I had settled for the Celestron X-Cel LX, I discover the Baader Hyperion range!! There is approximately £20 between the EP's, SO are the Baader range worth the extra outlay? Thanks.
  6. Thanks John, that's interesting. There's approx £30 between the EP's, so if there is a noticeable difference in sharpness and contrast then I'll go for the LX.
  7. I'm quite interested in the BST, as they seem reputable on this forum with a similar FOV, but can't seem to find anyone selling the 8mm EP. So, it seems I'll fork out a little extra for the Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm.
  8. Thanks for the link(s). So how do these compare optically against the Celestron X-Cel, are they as good quality? Can someone also please explain the advantages of a 2" EP, if there are any? Do you literally get a bigger image?
  9. Thanks. I've heard good things about the BST's, but they only seem to be available in 5mm for higher mag. Will 5mm be too much for my fast scope?
  10. Finally after a few clear nights I've been able to acquaint myself with my new toy (SW 200P Dob) and have subsequently come to the conclusion that the 10mm EP is borderline terrible. To reassure myself that it wasn't my own judgement, a friend of mine also commented on it and said that I should seek a better EP with a "wider FOV". With that in mind, I've looked around and seen that the Celestron X-Cel seem to offer the widest FOV at the most affordable price. (1) Can anyone vouch for these EP's. Will they be a significant upgrade on the stock EP's I got with the scope. I have no qualms wit
  11. Ok thanks for the pointers everybody. So an eyepiece such as this would be ideal for a non tracking dob for good planetary views?
  12. Hello All, I am looking for a new eye piece for my 200P Dob for planetary viewing. I only have the stock SW 10mm and 25mm eye pieces that came with the scope. Is it worth getting a decent barlow, or am I better off getting a good quality EP @ say 5-6mm? I don't want to waste money on a cheap eye piece, I'd rather pay good money for a good quality EP that will last me and give my good views. This is my first scope and as such I'm not familiar with the best manufacturers etc. So would welcome people's suggestions.... Thanks.
  13. Hi, I ordered my dob from Sherwood's and received it within 3 days. Excellent service and good people. highly recommended. I think if you place your order now the should deliver by Christmas. Give them a call and ask.
  14. They are as rare as rocking horse poop at the moment. RVO were the only retailer that had them in when I got mine. £50, but the service and product were exceptional. highly recommended. After ringing around suppliers, one of them (can't remember who!) informed me that the Telrad company has changed hands from father to son(s), there was a disruption in supply and wasn't sure when it would resume to normal. Obviously I can't vouch for the authenticity of this, but would explain why they are so hard to find right now.
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