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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. Would any new filters or anything be beneficial? Yeah that sounds good. Thanks.
  2. I've had my scope for over a year now and haven't used it enough. I want to get as far through the list as I can this winter so was just wondering how much I can expect to see with my equipment and location, and if buying anything else would be really benificial. I currently have- 10" SW Dob with Astrozap dew shield Baader hyperion zoom EP Skywatcher LP filter Telrad which is pretty useless as even with a dew shield it's impossible to see through after 5 minutes outside. HoTech laser collimator I'm trying to keep further spending to a minimum as I have other commitments that I've been saving f
  3. Well it didn't take long to give in due to quickly getting a very stiff neck after spending a lot of time on my hands and knees on the floor trying to see through a very misty telrad . I did manage to find the double in Cygnus though, and then M13. No luck with M57 though, possibly because I didn't allow my eyes to adapt to the dark. The deltas in Lyra sound interesting so I'll definitely check that out next time. Thanks
  4. I only got my telescope last Winter and spent a lot of time learning the sky. I haven't used it at all through the summer and am ashamed to admit that I barely recognise any of the constellations I can now see from my south facing garden . I'm going to put my scope out to cool down soon, can anyone recommend a few easy targets to get myself back in to the swing of things? I have a 10" Dob but my EP collection is lacking at the moment. I only really have a 8-24mm Hyperion Zoom as I broke my 32mm. If someone can suggest a few easy messiers that should keep my busy for a bit. Thanks!
  5. Your recommendation is good enough for me. FLO should pay you commission
  6. I just sold a BGO to fund a new zoom EP. The two that I got included with the scope will also be made redundant by the new EP, but has anyone ever successfully sold EP's like these? Any scope has EP's included so I wouldn't imagine there'd be much demand for them.
  7. The SW 150P only has a 1.25" focuser. I wasn't sure so had to check the item description at FLO. It seems that what you're bought is no use to you at all, unfortunately.
  8. I just checked as I've never seen an Orion one. Here's the product description It's not designed to fit a 1.25" focuser. You don't actually need one of these. The purpose of it is to replace the normal adapters that allow 1.25" EP's to be used in 2" focusers, but do so more accurately than the standard adapters.
  9. Aren't these adapters designed to fit a 2" focuser?
  10. I'm looking at expanding my EP collection a bit without stretching the bank. I've read a lot of good reviews about the Hyperion Zoom, but also read that they aren't great in faster scopes. The few examples I've seen usually related to an ~f4. I have an f5 10" SW Dob... would this EP perform okay with this scope? Also, would it make an adequate replacement for my BGO 12.5mm? Being totally honest, I think I'm a bit oblivious when it comes to the fine detail of different quality EP's. If I had the opportunity to try out several EP's of the same focal length but varying quality/cost, the differenc
  11. I would have thought that with a slight gap where there shouldn't be one, it wouldn't focus properly. I'll give it a try on the next clear night though and see if it's still usable
  12. Following the other suggestions I looked up different designs and thought I had it figured out. I put it all back together, but it rattled. I'm really confused as to where the extra space has came from, but I took it back apart anyway and tried a different configuration and it still rattled. It definitely didn't do this before. Looks like I'm just going to have to replace it so that's around £80 down the crapper
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm just not going to bother worrying about it anymore. I'm still going to look in to the possibilities of different routes but I wont be making any kind of plan or schedule, it seems best to just take each module 1-2 at a time. When OU replied (with pretty much a copy and paste of the suggestion on their website) to my first email I sent a response explaining that their suggestion completely contradicted what was in the entry requirements for various modules and I was having trouble deciding which modules were important. I just had a reply back... They sent the sam
  14. Thanks for the links. The problem that people like myself and palebluedot are having though is that we obviously can't test ourselves to see if we're ready until it's time to take those modules. We need to know which level 2 modules are going to prepare us and allow us to pass those 'are you ready' tests. E.g. They're suggesting MS221 at level 2, but IvanT makes a lot of sense when he says this is probably a waste and MST209 is required. I wont know which one is correct until I've finished level 2 and attempted those little tests. Only then will I realise if my choices have left me with a lack
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