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  1. I'm still waiting to use my modded SPC 900, but hope that i can get similar results.
  2. Stunning set of images. Such a beautiful object to see.
  3. Fine images. I too have a C9.25 which i haven't had chance to use yet, but we have clear skies and I've just put scope outside to cool. Hope I can get some images like yours.
  4. I've done it on 2 occasions (we have a mixture of both at work, so if you don't concentrate.....) and after having the tank drained everything was fine. Petrol in a diesel is the best mistake to make rather than the other way round (well at least that's what the garage told me). I paid £80 to have the system drained.
  5. That is one the the best pictures I have seen!
  6. I'm exited now, as I've recently got a C9.25 but because of the weather haven't had chance to try it yet, but am now looking forward to getting images like yours.
  7. Guess what....half our sky is clear and the other half covered in cloud. Which part do you think the moon is in? AAAGGGGHHHHH!
  8. Mine arrived today....awesome quality. Well done to everyone concerned.
  9. Yep thumbs up from me aswell and I'm sure that your hard work is appreciated by everyone!
  10. I shall shortly be getting a dedicated stroage shed in the garden for my scope. What is the best way to wrap it, in order to keep it clean, dry and free from little critters?
  11. Nice set of pics and serious dedication to the cause!!
  12. Great shot. I thought about going out....but not for too long! LOL Still getting the feeling back in my fingers from the weekend!
  13. Nice set of pics. I gave up long before then as I couldn't feel my fingers!
  14. Brilliant set of photos. they put my feeble efforts to shame....
  15. Yep same here. Once the clouds clear the fog rolls in! Very frustrating.
  16. Lovely image. I'm thinking of going down the same route from my Mak 127. I presume there are levelling feet on the base or am I wrong?
  17. Yep I think Its there. Managed to grab my first GRS this week as well!
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