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  1. Ah, next problem is that only 3.3.2 is available. Do you know where I can get 3.3.3 from?
  2. Thats what is happening. I'll try updating to a newer version. Thanks for advice.
  3. Gina, I have just started using my 1100 for astrophotography and am currently using it with the Canon utilities on my laptop. Everything works fine, but I am having a problem with the saved files. Neither adobe photoshop or gimp will open them. I know it must only be a setting change, but for the life of me I haven't sorted it yet. Also when I try and use Deep sky stacker, again it doesn't seem to work properley. Maybe someone could advise on the best format to save images, when using the Canon utilities?
  4. What are the clip on filters that I have seen advertised?
  5. I've just entered the realm of Astrophotography and bought a Canon 1100D. Only used it a couple of times yet but impressed with the results. The software package that comes with it will allow you full control via a laptop including "live view". Paid £420 for it from Currys which included an 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens. I wont be getting it modded, as I shall use it for normal photography, but will (when funds allow) buy a clip on filter.
  6. Hi Bob, I'm from Dudley and surronded by light pollution, but still have success with galaxies. At present I use Orions sword as a guide. If I can clearly see it from my garden I go galaxy hunting, if not I stick to the brighter objects. Until I started this hobby a couple of years ago, I didn't relise how bad of skies were for viewing and how quickly conditions can change. Good luck
  7. My first scope was a 6" Seben reflector and it was TERRIBLE. The viewing was so bad that I couldn't even see the moons of Jupiter. I complained and was told that I needed to buy one of their better quality eyepieces in order to get better viewing. I got rid of it fast and bought a Mak 127 which was a zillion times better and for not much more money. There are normally plenty of good second hand ones available.
  8. It is easy to set up using Stellarium. The instructions on Its web site are very clear. One point that I found is to make sure that the time on your computer is correct. I use a GPS on the scope and adjust the comp time with that.
  9. How long in real time does it take you to set up?
  10. That cam is brilliant for Planetary work. I normally use a 2 x barlow with mine and a 0.5 reducer for wider views of the moon. There's no right or wrong way to put the cam in. It's up to you which orientation you prefer or to match up to photo's that you have seen.
  11. Practice safe astronomy......... After last winters excess of snow, I thought I would be prepared this year with the cover.
  12. I've had my POD for 9 months and it lives up to all my expectations. Strong, durable, weatherproof but most important enables viewing within a few minutes of opening the dome. I also use a de humidifier (the same one as Dave) which means evrything stays dry. Last night proved the POD's value, as I set up at 4am but within 10 mins, clouds rolled in and it started raining. Dome was shut in seconds, I locked the door and went back to bed. Simples! Recommended piece of kit. As you can see from the photo, I use a vinyl cover during the Winter months, as I didn't want snow collecting on the POD (if we get any that is).
  13. Couldn't wait, got it last night!
  14. It's £349 in our local store and it just happens that my Brother in law is the manager, so I can get staff discount.
  15. Forgot to mention that it is supplied with an 18-55mm lens as well.
  16. Thanks for your quick reply. Looks like a visit to Currys, but I may wait till Boxing Day and the sales, just in case there's a bit more off the cost....you never know.
  17. I have an opportunity to buy (from Currys) a new Canon EOS 1100D for £300. Is this suitable for Astro use? Reading up on this subject it seems that "live view" is desirable. Does anyone know if this model has it? Thank you.
  18. Collected mine from sorting office today. Quick look through shows that yet again it is to a very high standard. thanks to everyone concerned.
  19. Get on fine with my CG5, so much that I have 2. One on a pier and the other on a tripod. I did buy a CN16 GPS for them, which puts all your location and time into the handset, which only means that you have to do the alignment. Even doing a 2 star alignment the goto is good, but it does have the option of a precise goto function which works very well on the fainter objects. The only complaint I have is the "bag of nails noise" it makes!
  20. Thats one of the best I've seen. Certainly worth your efforts. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Mmmmm, with the weather the way it is at the moment, snorting coke off celebrities breasts seems quite appealing! LOL
  22. Cloudy in Cradley Heath, West Mids. I've had a new 80ED for over a week without a clear night! Frustrating.
  23. Brilliant set of photos. You've wetted my appetite for Mars. It's nicely in my view from 5am, so when we finally have a clear morning I can give it a crack.
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