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  1. I've looked through the site and couldn't see any mention of SGL calanders for 2013. Will they be available or are they available and I've missed the link?
  2. iamzoso60

    Noctilucent Clouds

    At least you've seen em! Don't think weve had a clear night in months.
  3. Thank you, that's my weekend project sorted.
  4. That must be the same cable as I use with Stellarium to control the scope?
  5. Not sure if this is the correct section, but here goes, I am about to take a step into the world of auto guiding with my CG5-GT mount. I have converted a finder scope into a guide scope and plan on using a modded web cam, but could I have pointers on what software I need and how to connect to scope. The mount has a ST4 socket which I think is used to guide with, but how to connect finder guider to it? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I was going to post a similer thread later. I'm looking at going down the route of a finder guider, using a skywatcher 9x50 finder I have spare and a LX modded web cam. All I require is an extra dovetail to mount the finder on, but I haven't a clue what type to get or how it fits. Sorry to have hijacked your thread but hopefully we will both pick up some tips.
  7. I tried a couple of nights last week, when the seeing appeared good. The first nights results were appalling, like you say all I got was a Red blob but the next night under similar conditions, I managed get probably my best pics of Mars using the trusty web cam. The seeing conditions vary greatly under what seems to be clear skies.
  8. Last night was good in West Mids, I got my best capture of Mars, but Saturn was still low down and hazy when I called it a night.
  9. I have been looking into guiding, as it is the cheaper option and the way our weather has been over the past 12 months, I don't really want to spend 6-7 hundred notes on something that I will only use a few times a month. I'll give re balancing the scope a go first and see if it makes any difference. If I could get anything approaching 4-5 mins I would be happy.
  10. Its currently got a 9.25 Celestron SCT on it, but when my Canon 1100D (sometimes with a Barlow) is added, I must be near the capacity. I've tried up to 90 secs and just starting to get a hint of star trails, but although I've Polar aligned, I haven't rebalanced when the camera is on. Would this make a difference do you think?
  11. I've not long been into LX photography and was wondering what exposure times I could realistically expect to get from the CG5-GT mount, when polar aligned.
  12. Managed to get out earlier and do a polar Align. Hopefully I will now be able to take longer exposure photo's. When I get a chance I will download manual. Thanks again.
  13. After a day of torrential rain, sleet and snow, the skies cleared at about 6 O'clock, just in time to cature Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the same frame.
  14. I have a CG5-GT mount and tried last night to use the Polar align feature, but it does not appear in the menu. It should be between Home position and light control in the Utilities menu, but it is not. I am running the latest handset software, so, do I need to activate it in some way? The insructions supplied dont specify anything and I've searched on the celestron web site, but again without any luck.
  15. After taking advice on here, I decided to purchase an Astronomic CLS clip filter for my DSLR camera and I thought that you would like to see how it works. Here's 2 x unprocessed single frames of M42. taken a week apart, same seeing conditions, same settings and 60 second exposures. Without filter; With filter: As you can see, it works a treat.
  16. Here's my 1st attempt at Mars. Low down when i took it , so still plenty of turbulance, but I'm chuffed with it. Hopefully many more and better one's to come.
  17. Thanks for the info everyone. The CLS version it is then.
  18. I have just stared using my Canon 1100D DSLR camera with my scope. I am not going to get it modded but instead am looking to purchase an Astronomik clip on filter. I shall be using it on deep sky objects and nebula, but from a light polluted garden and was wondering which filter would be the best for me too use? The one I was thinking of was either the IR -blocker or UV+IR blocker. Would either of these be suitable for my purpose or is there a better one?
  19. You've done well to even pick them up, something I haven't done yet. Details on equipment used please.
  20. Downloaded and works with the 1100d fine.
  21. Mine don't look like that through my C9.25. Can I asked what you used to take it please?
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