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  1. Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. Well I popped to my local Astro Shop this morning, it was quite a success (I hope). I ended walking away with a Celestron 127 SLT along with NexImage5 camera. I was sorely tempted by the Nexstar Evolution 6 but it all seemed a bit much on the basis I've been out of the hobby for so long. Looking forward to some clear skies.
  2. Good afternoon, morning or evening depending where in the world you are. This is "hello" again as I'm a returning gazer. Not just returning to the forum but to the hobby as I've not grabbed my scope for quite some time (a good few years). It's quite scary looking back at those early posts as they take me back to 2010. Initially I was looking for a scope that would be usable following spine surgery, then in November of that year my daughter arrived 6 weeks early. The surgery never happened and my daughter will be 5 this year... a second daughter arrived two years later. The rest they say is history! So why am I here? Well I'm sat in the Airport Lounge at Washington Dulles waiting for my flight back to London. I've been here working and a colleague and I were discussing astronomy in the hotel on Tuesday night; a mutual interest although one that has been on the back burner for a while. This got me thinking, it's time to fix that! I'll be poking around the advice forums as I've been saving and am in the market for a GOTO scope. If nothing else I've had a little time to save! Looking forward to mooching around. Stav.
  3. Trying to get a 'play' pass from Mrs N....fingers crossed I'll be seeing you there!
  4. ...a nice clear night doesn't seem to work.
  5. I'm not too sure about the magnitude thing...not too back where I am in Bucks though. There's a mild hew from a few small nearby towns. Trees seem to be my problem!
  6. ...but still 'at it' when I get the chance. I recently bought myself some binoculars (10x50) to tinker around with, as sometimes getting the telescope out for a short session seems a lot of hassle. Most pleased with them. After a good Interwebs search I picked up some Alder Potik Witness 10x50WA porro prism Bino's and a tripod fitting for about £45 delivered in a sale. I think they Bino's themselve a usually circa £90 (well that's what the website stated). Anywho, at that price I thought it might be worth a go. Arrived yesterday and thankfully we had a break in the weather last night so I managed a very cold 15 minutes (had just got back from the gym as was in shorts and a fleese at 0 degrees! bbbrrrrrr). Anywho...was massively impresses woth Pleiades (well I think that's what I was looking at). Time to start learning on how to use star map thingys!
  7. Hi All, I wasn't sure whether or not to whack this in here or in the beginners help section. Apologies if I took the wrong option! I'm new to all this astronomy thing so I guess like many beginners I've been enjoyuing the views of Jupiter through my 5" Bresser Messier. I noticed on Wednesday evening that I could see (what I believe to be) 3 of Jupiter's moons. If this is the case, is there as simple method of identifying which moons these were? Thanks Martin
  8. Wotcha and Welcome from Bucks
  9. I'm having a lumbar fusion so apparently no lifting, twisting or having fun allowed! I'll not be able to do anything. It needs to be small and light enough for my 5' wife to chuck in the garden and leave me to it.
  10. Thanks for all the responses! Plenty of food for thought. I do have a sturdy table in the garden but unfortunately it's in completely the wrong place (very restricted viewing), and I'll not be able to move it around. It's a complete pain! I like the idea of a Dob but I've got no decent base...I'll not be able to get to the floor so I think a must has to be a tripod of some form. Beyond that I'm lost . There's a few mentions of Refractors so I'll take a sneeky peek around the Interwebs. What sort of things should I be looking for in a moon/planet refractor? Any specific size? Is there a middle ground that may capture some slightly 'deeper' objects? Thanks again Martin
  11. Stav_98

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome from Buckinghamshire! What a question in the equipment section and you'll soon get some great suggestions for scopes. Some detail of what you're interested in viewing will help. Enjoy your stay
  12. Hi and welcome from Buckinghamshire
  13. Hi all, Me again! I'd appreciate your thoughts in relation to portable scopes. I've got to go have surgery on my spine in the new year so lugging my Bresser around (specially the EQ Mount) is going to be a no no for possibly up to 12 months. Mrs N. is only tiny and certainly won't be able to help. I'm thinking no deep sky stuff, I'm thinking of concentrating on a study of the moon and maybe a few planets when they're visible. Other 'stuff' would be great but not essential. I've thought about binoculars but I'd rather have something on a stand which I can adjust to a low height, and use from a chair. Cheers all. Martin
  14. Technically the 450d is a better camera than the 1000. It has a higher pixel count, spot metering is better along with burst rate etc. However, all of this is pretty pointless unless you're likely to use the camera outside of Astrophotography. In terms of price I've seem 450d models go for anywhere between £280 - £380 on eBay depending on the accessories supplied (used). Search for 'Canon Refurbished' on eBay. There's a Canon refurbished store which provided refurb items (funny that), with Canon warranties. I bought by first dSLR from them, there are some proper bargains to be had if you patient. Personally if I were looking for a dSLR I'd consider a used 20d or 30d. These models don't have as high pixel count but they are far more durable as they have alloy bodies as opposed to plastic. Keeping in mind our our hobby takes us out side in some variable conditions I think this is a bonus. These can be picked up for a similar price to the 450d and 1000d used. I've a 30d which I bought 4 years ago now. I think they make a better investment in terms of their build quality. Hopefully this helps as opposed to confusing you! Cheers Martin
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