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  1. hi everyone, just recieved a t ring for my nikon to go with the standard t adaptor i recieved with the revelation eyepeice kit,seems i can only attach the camera to the top of the scope rather than the back were all others seem to mount there camera when i search images.is this still ok thank you james
  2. had my first trip into the galloway forest over the last few days,Friday morning approx 6:15am with the moon in the south,just to the right of the moon i seen a large fireball appear and travel about 70 degrees south to west and lasting about 10 seconds,it was the most impressive sighting i have ever seen,anyone else lucky enough to see it cheers james
  3. off for a wild camp and hopefully get a decent sky over the next few days,plenty off intersesting locations on the os map to consider but tonight being the better of the 3 nights i am setting up the scope tonight when i arrive,sleeping in the car for a few hours and then finding a wild camp,any suggestions on were i could head to for a camp/observe would be greatly appreciated. thank you james
  4. i am planning a night out for this one, sounds great reading about it in wiki. Could do with some reliable weather data, what sites do folks use? cheers james
  5. thanks,i have a nexstar 4se and will most probably buy a barlow x2 cheers
  6. sorry to go off the topic but what scope would be required to get images like this? cheers
  7. i just purchased a used nexstar 4se, very happy with it and it can also be used for photography but thats another minefield not ready for me
  8. will an eyepiece >25mm make jupiter bigger and a smaller one <25mm give me more detail on the moon? spotted my first galaxy the other night, what can i do to improve the view, what do all these colour filters do. i am new to this hobby but it has definitly took hold, all the extras are endless. i'm loving this new hobby and just want to see more, any good suggestions and there going on the christmas list cheers guys james
  9. thanks guys,i ended up about 15 miles east of bala,bortle 4 or 5 it was when i checked. next time it will be just east of barmouth, according to a web site i found the other day which stated this place has a bortle 3 cheers james
  10. any advice on a good location in north wales to set up my new scope,i think the skies around this area look favourable and i'm within an hours drive cheers james
  11. i have a nexstar 4 se and would like to purchase a zoom eyepiece,the celestron one comes in at around £65 while the baader hyperion mkII i have seen for £140 and the mkIII for £170.does the difference in price reflect the quality cheers james
  12. hi there,could anyone point me in the right direction on solving an issue with the 4 se which when turned on displays "transmit data",is there any tutorials to follow or manuals to download as there is nothing related to this in the user manual provided cheers james
  13. hi gary,one last question please.how do we get the numbers that i will be entering from my lat/long position. Latitude, Longitude: 53.4107766, -2.9778383 and convert them to the co-ordinates you have given me below and also will i be entering zero's on the first 3 numbers,ie 053 and 002 53° 24' 38.7972" North 2° 58' 40.2168" West cheers james
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