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  1. New to imaging and just setting up a system, I have a skywatcher esprit 100 with Zwo 60mm guidescope & Zwo asi120mm guide cam + asiair - At this moment I’m going to use a Nikon d7100 as imaging camera until I can afford a dedicated Zwo cam. Mount wise I have an old first gen ( black) Heq5 pro. I think that it’s probably at the limit load weight wise but will I be able to nebula images with this setup. I read about tracking errors etc but I’m confused- doesn’t guiding help to override these errors and keep the image Centered. Btw is there anything else thats essential I should g
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I have a Nikon D7100 DSLR, would that be useable? £200 for the ZWO ASI 224MC sounds like a good idea to get me started, would the results be better than the DSLR? Regards Tony
  3. hi, I've been in and out of visual astronomy for past few years, mainly out because of my job. Jobs changed and retirement is just around corner so I'll have time to put more effort into this great hobby. My current equipment is a meade 80mm 5000 triplet apo on a sky-watched HEQ5 (old black model but i did upgrade it a few years ago to synscan goto) & a celestron evolution 8"EDGEHD. I would like to get into imaging but no clue as to what imager to buy, I'd be interested in dso's if Its possible with my current setups. I'd like suggestions of dedicated imager less than £1000
  4. Hi I have for sale, Celestron Evolution 8" Edge HD with StarSense Auto Align system and tripod Scope was purchased 25th August 2017 and is in excellent condition having only been used 3-4 times. Price is £1750 payable in cash or cleared bank transfer. Collection or I would deliver if short journey from Wakefield West Yorkshire. Regards Tony
  5. Hi I bought a Nexstar evolution 8 HD and put a meade 2" diagonal on it via a Baader click stop adaptor. Im trying to build up a quick and easy visual setup. Only got a few basic eyepieces and filters from the Celestron eyepiece set (deal over last bank holiday) my thought would be to buy ES eyepieces later. My real question is about filter wheels, is it feasible to use one in the evolution mount. Is there anyone using this set up successfully and if it is possible any purchase suggestions would be welcome. I live in light polluted skies so filters may aid my DSO hunt. An
  6. Is it better to get the wider view & thus more expensive eyepiece for higher magnification viewing.
  7. No too sure what magnification I want, I'd like to be able use the scope mainly for DSO's as well as the occasional planetary view. I'm pretty nieve when it comes to the technical aspect of what can be achieved with the FLT110 & eyepiece combo. I want to make a start with optically sound eyepiece that I won't want to upgrade in the near future. I know TV has that reputation but wanted to know if there was anything else to compete with them. What would be a good eyepiece size to buy for viewing DSO's with this scope. I assume that galaxies would require a different eyepiece to large fie
  8. Hi I need help with suggestions for new eyepieces for my FLT110. It's a quality scope so I want to do it justice by buying quality eyepieces. To start with I have £500 available what eyepieces should I buy with that. Tony
  9. I'm going to copy this idea too. Having the mount attached full time is the way to go. Thanks for the idea T
  10. Hi I have a flt110 and wish to buy a nebula filter but unsure what size to buy. My eyepieces are 11/4" but the diagonal is a 2". So is it best to get a 2" and attach it to the diagonal, on the scope side before the mirror. It would be more convenient for sure rather that swapping it with every eyepiece change. Tony
  11. Hi I was reading a review for a zoom eyepiece and the reviewer said it was better for a fast scope. Why is this? Can someone explain this statement. I have a FLT110, fl is 770 and a Meade ED80 fl is 480 are they regarded as fast or not The zoom in question was the baader 8-24mm one, would I be ok with this on these scopes or would there be any fore see able problems. Cheers Tony
  12. Thanks Pete that's a great bit of innovation. It's just the sort of idea I'm looking for, you mention the roll off shed, have you got info and pics on that. Cheers Tony
  13. I like the idea of a fixed structure around it with a hinged roof. I wont be leaving the scope attached so it can be a small fixture, not having to carry the mount in and out is a bonus as would wiring in electricity. Is there any sites I can look at to give me ideas, maybe even buy it. Tony
  14. Hi I've dug my hole in the garden and will soon fill with concrete, I have my threaded bolts ready to sink into before it sets. Onto the bolts I have a pier from epsilon telescope to mount. After that I don't know what to do. Initially I was going to keep my HEQ5 mount inside and cover the pier with some sort of weatherproof cover, like a chimnea cover or similar. I'm now wondering wether I can leave the HEQ5 mount on the pier all the time. Is this ok to do and is there a better way to protect it all from the elements, I would love to have a little obsy/shed around it but space is limited s
  15. I have a WO FLT110 on a skywatcher HEQ5 with synscan. I'm using a Skyfi unit with iPad & skysafari to GOTO for visual obs. Is a great setup and I'm well pleased with it. In the near future I want to do some imaging with my D300 and will probably want to try guided exposures. As far as I can see skysafari is just a GOTO software. What setup should I be looking at to achieve my goals. I have a MacBook Pro. Many thanks Tony
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