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  1. cleared up about midnight last night so popped out for about an hour now looking at clear skies so fingers crossed for tonight
  2. cleared up around midnight last night so got out for 40 minutes had a good look at the moon and the pleiades before i turned in
  3. never really understood the balloon analogy until i read your explanation many thanks
  4. i was always taught by my physics teacher that the only thing that could travel at the speed of light was light i might go back and kick him now lol
  5. might have to buy a set of them cheers for the link. interesting that it says they are commonly bought with an xbox360 controller though lol
  6. i've had a few bits of outdoor kit from aldi and some pretty big name kit as well and as far as i'm concerned with outdoor kit you get what you pay for. easy for me to justify a £300 down jacket though since my main hobby is climbing
  7. surely if the universe is expanding equally in all directions it must have a centre because it must be expanding from somewhere. as i understand it the common belief is that the big bang began in a singularity so unless there was a tiny viod slap bang in the middle of the singularity which was exactly where the big bang began there would surely be some tiny morsel of matter that having forces exerted on it from all directions (unless the 'bang' was purely an explosion) would just stay still? or perhaps it did at the start but then due to gravity from the matter around it began to toddle off. my head hurts
  8. wouldn't we be seeing some effect of the gravity of these hyper giant stars around us? i always thought the univers was expanding as near as makes no difference to equally in all directions surely if there was a dirty great star near one side gravity would drag our universe out more that side massively red shifting all light in that area? or it was the Great Green Arkleseizure
  9. a lot of the theories i've heard seem to assume that life has to be constructed of proteins and amino acids, carbon based and water dependant i saw an episode of stephen hawkings universe earlier where he argued that life could be silicon based or based on any other element only restricted by the laws of physics not necessarily by the laws of nature (on earth). i think alien life is most likely to exist as rafts of single cell organisms like bacteria myself
  10. rain as well now and no wind to speak of so looks like its here to stay boo hiss boo
  11. been wall to wall cloud here for 3 days i think i'm getting withdrawal symptoms
  12. still haven't had a look at jupiter i've seen it with the naked eye but not through a scope its next on my hit list
  13. was the pleiades for me i'd been seeing them with the mark1 eyeball for ages then looked at them through my 3 inch reflector and was gobsmacked
  14. crikey might have to save my pennies then lol
  15. still cloud horizon to horizon here just ordered another scope so i've cursed myself i think
  16. its been pretty clear here for the past few nights now its mucky as outside 100% cloud cover all day and a bitingly cold wind
  17. how much should i expect to pay for a GOTO mount? cheers matt
  18. not a lot cheaper the better most of the eyepiecs i've seen are £30 to £40
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