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  1. oops sorry chaps thought i'd put a budget in looking to spend around 200 to 250 pounds
  2. hi guys i'm looking to make my first refractor purchase and was wondering what you guys would recommend.i'm looking for quality of image rather than aperture as i'd like to use it to begin imaging as well. cheers matt
  3. don't know if i'm imagining things but i remember a segment where Dara booked some time on a large telescope controlled via the internet or some such thing and i was wondering if anyone knew/could remember what it was called? cheers matt
  4. i don't know what brand it is i got given it as a present i'm just going to email him the dimensions and pitch of the screws and see if he has anything like it
  5. does anyone know a good place to buy thumbscrews for the above? won't be too long before i'll have stripped the heads on mine (philips heads) cheers matt
  6. well from what i've read using the prism screws isn't 'fixing' it most of the time its the objective lenses that are out of alignment. i know they'll get 'knocked' in use but when you buy a product you don't expect to have to fix it when you get it. i'd like to be able to see 'an' image rather than two images. FLO have been brilliant about the whole thing by the way very impressive service. matt
  7. getting a replacement pair FLO thinks that they got knocked in transit
  8. ok thanks for the advice guys i'll try that and if it gets better i'll get myself a tripod adaptor cheers matt
  9. i'll give it another bash in a bit i did try supporting them but the images were still a bit shaky. i followed the instructions when i got them this morning for focusing and finding out how far apart the tubes need to be to get a round image and it seemed to work out i saw 2 images at the start fiddled a bit and they came together. however, now that i'm trying to view objects further away they seem to be messing up
  10. they're the revelation 15x70's from FLO
  11. damn don't really want to try collimating them i reckon i'd probably do more harm than good. reckon i might have to send them back to FLO
  12. can anyone tell me how i can stop seeing 2 images through binoculars? i thought i had it sorted out earlier but i've just been out and have been getting lovely views of the moon and the great nebula in orion . . . twice over! cheers matt
  13. cheers for the help guys been bugging me that lol
  14. are the individual stars we can see in our galaxy or just independent?
  15. finally saw it tonight decided i was going to see it even if it killed me pointed the scope in the right direction did a bit of scanning and there it was clearly visible. dead chuffed
  16. Wattsy

    M31 :D

    first thing i looked at in my scope was albireo in cygnus i do like splitting doubles
  17. Wattsy

    M31 :D

    finally got it tonight had a 10 minute spell on jupiter got mum and sister to have a look as well (dead impressed) then sat down with my collins skywatching guide by david levy to try and identify the constellations i can see from my garden. ironically i can normally identify most of the major ones easily in well lit areas where you can only see the bright stars but in the relative dark of my garden the less bright stars confuse things for me. figured i could see cassiopeia, perseus and andromeda easily in front of me, ursa major off the the left, taurus sort of centre right and cygnus and vega peeking over the roof of my house. decided that tonight was going to be the night that i'd see m31 i'd tried before but always been defeated. pointed the scope in the right direction ish had about 5 minutes scanning and lo and behold there it was a fairly bright grey blob with a bright centre. to say i'm chuffed is an understatement been sat down with a massive grin on my face since i came in. still need to try and pick out the clusters around cassiopeia though i keep losing my bearings cheers matt
  18. had a good stare at it just now i've been struggling to see it because after about half 10 it wanders off behind my house so its only visible for a short period of time. was using my sw heritage 3 inch dobsonian and managed to clearly see all 4 galilean moons dead chuffed. still can't pick out m31 or the clusters near cassiopeia though so a bit of work to do yet reckon i need to get myself a star atlas cheers matt
  19. started off ok just a few patchy clouds but its thickened u now can't see anything for long enough to find it in a telescope
  20. definately download stellarium too its free and properly helpful
  21. hello chaps i'm looking for some advice on new eyepieces the ones that came with my scope aren't up to standard i have to touch the 6mm one with my head to see through it and that sets the scope to jumping around so i can't see anything? i'm on tight budget i've hopefully got 4 second hand one's lined up (1 x 32mm super plossl, 1 x 25mm super plossl, 1 x 10mm super plossl, 1 x 6mm Meade MA) which should sort me out but i was wondering which eyepieces would you reccommend for someone on a tight budget (£25 max for an eyepiece)? cheers matt
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