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  1. What sort of scope would you recommend? Budget is pretty tight and I'm finding some of the jargon impenetrable lol looking for scope in the £200 range
  2. As above really looking for a short focal length refractor for starting imaging I've got an EQ5 that I'm going to upgrade with motors for tracking will the 102 be too heavy or alright?
  3. Ok just bought myself an EQ5 mount and will be getting the twin motor upgrade on payday. Is this good enough for imaging with good polar alignment? (With a reasonable sized scope of course I won't be slapping a huge Newt on it.) If not I'll probably keep it just for observing.
  4. How do you mount a dslr onto an EQ5? Is there a way to attach the camera using the screw fitting on the bottom
  5. Have to watch that on iPlayer working tonight cheers for the heads up
  6. mainly deep sky and widefield just clicked buy on the book too
  7. 3 inch skywatcher heritage dob and an unbranded 6 inch newtonian my nan bought me (not up to much, loses collimation every 10 minutes pretty much).
  8. I've got a DSLR and would love to get into imaging. As I understand it the best telescopes for it are low focal ratio refractors (correct me if I'm wrong). I'd also need a tracking mount (HEQ5 gets mentioned a lot). Would I be better off saving for the mount first, then the telescope? Cheers Matt (P.S. any recommendations would be lovely I'm on a pretty tight budget though)
  9. I've managed to make it work with Irfanview DSS would only let me save it as TIFF or FITS. Thanks for the help Matt
  10. Ok I've shot some lights and darks and stacked them with DeepSkyStacker, and it has been saved as a TIFF file. How, in the broadest laymans terms possible, do I convert that into a file I can actually open with Windows Photo Viewer say. If someone could do an kind of idiots guide I'd be very grateful (rubbish with computers) many thanks Matt
  11. yeah I've got that as a back up but ideally I'd be able to reverse the colours. Wish I'd hung on to my D40x lol
  12. I was trying to take some wide-field pictures last night and the LCD kept destroying my night vision. I used to have a Nikon d40x and I think there was a way to reverse the LCD colours (dark bits were light, light bits were dark) is this possible on an EOS 400D? cheers Matt
  13. Windows (I think XP but not sure, using a borrowed PC)
  14. how can I change a Raw file into a JPEG file on a computer? Do I need to download something to do it? cheers Matt
  15. I remember seeing a video about a year ago showing all the near earth asteroid orbits (roughly anyway) around the earth but now I can't find it anywhere. Don't suppose anyone knows it or one like it?
  16. all the ejecta goes straight up and straight down doesn't it?
  17. sorry if i'm being a bit thick but shouldn't polaris be at nearly 90 degrees because its close to the celestial north pole?
  18. ugh once again the bbc DO NOT make programs just for your viewing pleasure, they have to appeal to a wide audience to get satisfactory viewing figures, or else the program/series gets binned. the great british public don't want to see programs where the presenter walks around a scrap dealer in surrey explaining entropy, they could feasibly go to a scrap dealers themselves, they want to see different locations. do you think brian cox comes up with all the ideas for the program or is it maybe the producers looking for viewing figures? the point raised about him changing his clothes during the program was thoroughly banal too, he's not lisa simpson with a wardrobe full of the same clothes to wear of course he wears different clothes he's travelling round the world for pete's sake do you go on holiday and kick around in the same grotty clothes the entire time? didn't think so
  19. i think a lot of people were just expecting loads of twinkly pictures with Dr Cox going 'ooh' and 'aah' a bit and saying 'thats a nebula' people on here moan that there isn't more on astronomy and astrophysics then whinge even more when there is one thats a bit different. i personally thought it was really interesting i had no idea what entropy was and his method of explaining it was clear and consice no messing around. you have to remember that the bbc don't do programs for you as an individual it has to appeal to a wider slice of society than just the people on here
  20. what about a sort of stable door approach? you know where the door is cut in half width wise with strong corner supports it shouldn't weaken it any
  21. went out rabbiting with my lurcher earlier didn't catch anything she's still a bit too 'enthusiastic' only 10 months though so plenty of time for her to learn
  22. don't worry i seem to have had a bit of a swing and a miss with the query didn't realise you couldn't do imaging and observing well with such a low budget lol
  23. ah right go for just observing then imaging will have to wait until i win the lottery
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