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  1. quick question, does the 200p being 200mm become a 200mm telephoto lense?
  2. thank you very much, will look into this further.
  3. Hi, There is something i cannot work out with taking photos with direct focus. I attached my camera 1000D to my Skywatcher 200P telescope with a T-Ring and adapter, ok now i can use the telescopes focuser to get a focused image, but what i do not understand is how do I zoom into the subject? I will be using a tracking mount. Does the cameras sensor pick up very faint distant obects without the need for magnification? and i use software to zoom into the subject? do I find the subject with a eye piece and then make sure the scope is tracking and then replace with my direct camera connection? so its the magnification bit i do not understand, i have tried finsing answer on web, but no mention of it. Please forgive my ignorance in advance. regards, Paul.
  4. thank you everyone, my other option is to take my car all the way to greece, at least i can carry my scope, eps, books etc, i also climb so i will be taking all my other gear too. the only problem is it will cost £400 each way where easyjet is only £150 each way. the reason i will want to take my scope is because i will be there all winter and the skies are pretty clear.
  5. Hi, Would any of you attempt to take your telescope on a flight, i have been looking at taking it as 2 seperate sports equipment items @ £18 each, but would have to select golf or diving equipment. would the actual scope be man handled and possibly damaged even if it was packaged correctly? its my EQ5 mount with 200p scope. regards, paul.
  6. Merry christmas everyone and thanks for all your help this year. :-)
  7. just read the post and what i saw was another one at about 7.30pm, looks like there will be some show soon at the Geminid meteor shower. :-)
  8. i was just about to post about it, i was look left of Orion last night when i saw what i thought to be a flare, coming down, it slowed right up and was very bright, it looked like it was about 120 degrees. it was awesome.
  9. Hi, I installed from the Stellarium website v and i also have same problems as Russ with the Ocular. p.
  10. i spend my winters rock climbing around south east asia and normally stay in uk, april - oct, but this year i have attempted to stay in uk for the winter, but finding it too hard, so i am off again in jan, going to take my 15x70's and a star map to a remote part of thailand.
  11. Hi, Just need a quick and dirty answer, which single filter can i get to cover all the following, its doesnt matter if its not 100% perfect for the requirement. Back Garden with light polution to look at DSO. Dark skies to look at nebula/galaxy detail. I have been looking at Castell and Skywatcher UHC/Oiii P.
  12. Hi Guys, sure thing, next time its clear and i am heading up i will give you a shout to see if your free, if you could do the same. Paul.
  13. Hi, I found google earth with a LP overlay to be quite accurate for my area, i have recently identified dark areas and gone to them to verify. a cool feature is to add markers with comments for different spots as you can zoomed in to within a few meters of the area. AVEX: UK Light pollution Map and the overlay file can be downloaded from here. http://avex.org.free.fr/cartes-pl/uk/uk.kmz Paul.
  14. Hi Stephen, I was on the whte horse hill yesterday 6pm before the moon came up and the milky way was very strong, it was the most stars i have seen in a long time, the double cluster near cassiop 884, 869 was twice the size as i see in my back garden. with Andromeda, i could see the dust trails filling my 15x70 bins FOV, it was so much better. pity i forgot my weights for telescope and to resort to my bins. It was very dark, with faint glow on horizon from swindon and wantage, buit you cannot see any city lights, i parked in the field as you drive down the small lane towards the disbaled parking, the area is quite safe. but i think when the ice gets here, it will be too dodgy to use. p.
  15. Hi JohnR, I am in the same boat, the video helped alot, i will not be adjusting the secondary mirror again in a hurry, but at least i know what to do now. Good luck. P.
  16. looks good, i wonder how stable it is in a field, would be great on solid ground.
  17. sixela, great, now i have fixed, what should never have been fixed, how do i unfix what i have fixed to get it right? p.
  18. You go in, find the President, bring him out in 24 hours, and you're a free man. ...but i am still in Swindon
  19. Hi John, I had the same problem, my cheshire cross was out from the vanes, not sure what i did was right, but i adjusted the primary mirror with the little allen screws until i re-aligned both cross hairs and then made sure the mirror was dead center, then i had to adjust the secondary mirror to get the dots aligned, now my view looks like yours, but with the cross hairs matching. would be interested to see if i had done it corectly. P.
  20. thanks john, thats what i expected, i have the feeling my scope will start to lose quality past x200, should i go for a maximum mag of x200 with a 5mm instead of a 4. i am trying to fill the gap that i have in my ep range, this is what i have. x32 x43 barlow off my hyperion x77 x108 fine tuning ring x166 i am mainly interested in DS objects and not too bothered about planets. Do i need another eye piece? I may just get a UHC filter instead to see the nebulas better, what do you think? Paul.
  21. Hi, If I had for example an 8mm TMB EP and I wanted to double its mag to x250 with the standard barlow that was shipped with my 200p scope, would the image quality be bad, even if it was well within the limits of the scope. Or would it be best to get a 4mm EP? cheers. Paul.
  22. You could be right there, theres only one way to find out, i have used another site. need-less light pollution they seem pretty much the same. at least it shows how close you are to any light polution.
  23. Hi, has anybody used the overlay from the AVEX website. AVEX: UK Light pollution Map you can add overlay file to google earth, its very good and pretty accurate, you can zoom right to the exact location, put a marker on it and add comments, it shows the level of polution within a few meters of where you wish to go. i just installed google earth downloaded the file from here: http://avex.org.free.fr/cartes-pl/uk/uk.kmz and execute it to run. p.
  24. ok, thank you astrobaby, and to be honest it was her reviews that made me get the 32mm panaview and i am very happy with it.
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