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  1. Thank you so much and I really am still going to buy him one. However, I had a little look around and have read this article Sky Publishing - How to Start Right in Astronomy which is perfect for those of us newbies jumping onto the bandwagon before getting enough info. So I'm now aiming for one for his xmas pressie - more time and hopefully more money to spend on one (once i know how dedicated he'll be) wish me luck in convincing him its the better route to go down!!
  2. Hi all, I am looking to buy a telescope for my other half in two weeks. I have been researching and frankly have no idea what I'm looking for now! My budget is £150 (although it would be great to not spend it all), the point is to indulge him in star gazing so that he can see and learn to locate stars, nebulae, deep space objects, look at the moon in some detail as well as other planets and generally explore til his hearts content. It wouldn't be moved around too much. But I've already been confused completely by the mount spec! help much appreciated!!!
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