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  1. Thank you for the advice! Have started using it already, and was very excited with the views of Jupiter to start with! I'll definitely be replacing the 10mm, so will look at the zoom ones suggested. Started looking at a 32mm plossi too after looking at others advice. Then I might see how it goes before getting a barlow. Already got a power supply too in my sight. Trying to keep to the lithium phospate packs, due to being safer.
  2. That's really good to know thank you, think I have decided on the 127 with the AZ-GTI. Now I'll just have to look at the accessories!
  3. Ye its what I was thinking. I imagine and hope the prices will come down when supply is back to normal! When I get more space, I'll be happier to get the bigger scopes too. Was looking at the 150 mak, but out of my price range when considering a mount too.
  4. Yes, the c6 unfortunately seems out of my price range (although can't even find any in stock to be honest!)
  5. After researching your suggestions, what would you guys pick out of these,? Portability, ease of use and one that will last me a while till I skill up with just observing are my key points. Budget, i think I can stretch to the £700 but just wondering if its worth it. Celestron Nexstar 6 SLT Goto £629-£699 (Think my preference is with this one for the better scope, but worried about the mount) Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 AZ GTi £559 (Seems an excellent mount but with less aperture but highly recommended scope)
  6. Apologies for the delay in replying. Going to have a look through these suggestions tonight. Thank you for showing your setups/pictures its really helpful to decide as well! I'll let you guys know what I pick, or If I have other questions.
  7. Thank you very much for your advice! Theres definitely quite a lot of choice, and searching for the best price. Doesn't seem easy to get telescopes at the moment. Can't seem to find many secondhand SCTs, I did find this SCT: https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/celestron-starsense-6sct.html. but there doesn't seem to be much info about the mount. Might be able to stretch the budget a bit. I think visual and portability is the most important at the moment, and just wondering if its worth the extra stretch. Definitely looking at the heritage 150, didn't mean to bait! Would there be any suggestions on a 6" SCT or a 150 Mak? Apologies, for these questions I'm still quite new and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there. It was much easier with the cheaper scopes (although that choice could have been better in hindsight!)
  8. So I have been using a celestron 70mm travel scope for a little while now, and I think its time for a nice upgrade. Looking at a £400-600 budget, portable, able to see the planets and the smudges of deep space, and generally spend the most time just enjoying the night sky. Being able to image might be a thing I want to do further down the line. I live in a flat, so space is minimal and I will have to travel to get to less light polluted areas. Would love one of the 200 dobsonians but think one may have to wait till I get more space and less travelling. Wondering If saving for a Schmidt-Cassegrain would be a better idea for me at the moment, since they seem smaller with the great quality still? Also heard that a Heritage 150p could be quite a good idea too. What do people think?
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