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  1. Hmmm... HEQ5 mount listed for £20 pounds, so straight on the phone was I. Kind chap took all my details, then had to check something as he was taking payment. Shockingly enough, this had just sold 5 mins earlier... One day, I'll get a bargain...
  2. Happy Christmas to all - guess the clouds mean we have to be good and stay in with the family, huh? I hope everyone has a great time!! Steve
  3. Hi There is one of these scope of AB&S at the moment, at £90 exc p&p. Might be worth a look... U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell Steve
  4. Thanks for the replies and sorry for the lack of information! I am using an EQ5 with dual motors. It is polar aligned so hopefully I'll be able to get a bit of imaging done tonight (skies are looking good here!!). Does it take a couple of minutes for PHD to correlate itself? Thanks again Steve
  5. Hi guys Sorry for such a simple question, but I'm pretty new to this! I'm using Cartes du Ceil to guiding the scope for visual viewing, but I'm trying to get some images. When I locate a star with the guide camera, do I need to stop tracking on CDC to allow PHD to guide the mount or do they work in conjunction? The problem I have is that with tracking off, the guide star moves out of range before PHD is 'locked on' - all advice welcome!! Thanks Steve
  6. Hi all I'm just starting out on DSO photography (slow going!!) and have a couple of questions that I'm struggling with. 1) I can attach my SPC900 to the ST80 (using the diagonal) and locate a star. However there is not enough inward travel to gain focus, its about the size of a 5p on the monitor. I tried centring the blur and then removing the diagonal and received a totally blank picture no matter where I moved the focuser to, not even a blur... Swapped the diagonal back in and bingo, nicely centred star? If I add in a barlow x2 I can get the star to focus, but obviously this cut down my opti
  7. Hi John I had the same problem when I started using APT - mine images were saved to c:\program files\Astro Photography Tool - APT\Camera_1 but in a separate folder called Temporary Files (even though the dated folder were there?!) Worth a look Steve
  8. That looks great nightfisher! Looks like I need some practice in post-production too It's all a learning curve and I don't take any offence to constructive criticism, because otherwise, how would I learn? Could you let me know what processing you did to pull the extra detail out? Thanks Steve
  9. You're all very kind, thank you! If I could just work out the PHD guiding with the webcam, I think I'll try some DSO's. (When the skies clear again!!) Thanks again
  10. Right, thanks for that! I have an extension tube that came with the 200p for use with 2" ep's - could that be pressed into service or do I need something specific?
  11. Hi guys This is my first image of the moon and I know it's not brilliant, but it's MINE! (Hope I did that right?!?!?) I was hoping to get some a little closer, but struggled with a x2 barlow - Couldn't get to focus... Any suggestions? I was using the Tal 100r. Thanks Steve
  12. 10 minutes down the road - may need to take a quick trip! Thanks mate
  13. Or the other half for a new scope / mount!!
  14. Hi Do you have a link?
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