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  1. Looking for some help !!!! I've got the following setup and one BIG problem. I want to link my Skywatcher 130PM to my laptop running Stellarium. I've downloaded the latest stellarium, stellarium scope, Ascom and Ascom scope driver. My lead from the Synscan handset has a serial connection, so I bought a cheap R232/USB connector (my dell inspiron laptop only has USB connections) When I run the stellarium scope it tells me there isn't a scope connected to COM1 (there won't be as I haven't get a serial connection) even though all leads are plugged in. Has anyone managed a 'virtual' COM1 connection which fools the program into thinking that the USB connection is the serial one. Spent all day yesterday trying different Serial/USB drivers and I'm about to start pulling my hair out !!!!! Many Thanks Matt
  2. Hi, Cost wise this year is approx £400. Next year with a bit of saving hopefully £1000. I'm using the Skywatcher 130PM (the shorter one @ 650 mm) on an EQ-2 motorised mount. Again with regards to keeping bits and pieces, its all down to cost. What I'm trying to avoid is spending money this year and getting the same results when I (Perhaps) should stay with what I've got at the moment and get something expensive next year !!! Matt
  3. Hello, This is my first post so a quick 'Hello' from me first... My very first book I can remember getting was about the Apollo Space missions. Been interested (especially last year) in all things Apollo, NASA, ESA etc. Now I'm 40 (ish) I've got the money to get outside and see the stars and planets. For the past year I've been using my Skywatcher 130PM for general observations. I've also set up an old webcam and film canister to get my images. I can get decent sized moon shots, but only very small images of Mars, Saturn & Jupiter and I haven't tried Deep space yet. Having seen the images on the forums of bigger versions of the outter planets are they due to scope size or camera size? I would like to achieve bigger planet shots and start getting into Deep Sky Messier. The crossroads in my life is.....Do I go for a better webcam (QHY5 etc) and stay with the scope; or do I invest in a better scope and stay with the same webcam and get a better camera next year. Thank you for having a read Matt
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