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  1. Here in Northeast Scotland it has been thick clouds for 3 weeks with only 1 clear night for any observation. Seems not a really good summer this year.
  2. Yeah I know. I won't get the biggest because then I will still want a bigger Don't know why you didn't saw stars in your small scope. I see lots of them in mine.
  3. Thank you all for the advice. From your words it seems that my scope has done its job. Not bad for a £25 secondhand scope (Oops ) Maroon bells, mine is also a Tasco, coincidentally. It has done a good firscope job. It's funny that when I bought this scope, I told my self that seeing a wee bit of everything, and 'knowing that I saw it', is enough. And then after I got it for a short while I want the biggest scope in the world.
  4. Hi all, When I viewed Jupiter recently with my 76mm reflector I saw 2 faint brown bands along the equator and the whole southern pole area of the planet (which in the scope is up) covered in somewhat darker brown colour. There may be a similar but much smaller patch around the north pole but so faint and small that I can't be sure. That has been a consistent view over the nights and at different magnifications. So I'd like to ask if what I saw (i.e the patches at the poles) is something real or just something produced by my cheap scope? Thanks and clear skies to all.
  5. Hi all. I m new here and I have a question, hope you can tell me. I m going to buy a sheet of Baader solar film and will make a filter from it for my 10x50 bins. From the things that I read, I think I will cut 2 rings of cardboard with the inner diameter the same as my bins' objective dia. Then I will sandwich the Baader film between the 2 rings, using glue. The filters then will be attached to my bins' objectives using something like velcro. I just wonder about this thing. For protection of the film and for easy handling, should I sandwich the Baader film between 2 sheets of transparent plast
  6. Hi. I've never viewed the Sun but feel tempted to do it. I know about the Coronado PST which is expensive. Meanwhile Baader solar film is very affordable. I wonder what is the difference between viewing the Sun through a PST and through a telescope with a home-made sunfilter from the Baader film. On astro forums I've seen some people say that they see not much more than a white disk through Baader film. While others say that through the PST the Sun shows lots of details. So is it that through Baader film we can see some details around the fringe of the Sun and sunspots but nothing else on the
  7. Thanks all for your info. Colonel cluster, can I ask how much custom charge you paid for your Oberwerk? I'm interested in the binos of Garret Optical but I dread the additional money to pay for import.
  8. I am thinking of buying a pair of 15x70 or 16x70 binos. These 2 pairs (Revelation 15x70 from Telescopehouse, £60 and Adler Saturn 16x70 from ScopesnSkies, £55) appear to be of quite good prices. The Adler even claims to be Fully Multi-coated. http://www.telescopehouse.co.uk/page.aspx?theLang=001lngdef&pointerid=CEA974AFFB9846B6BFA6F9C5D82A544C&action=lnk http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/big-binoculars/adler/saturn/16x70.html Do some folks here have experience with these and can give some advice? It will be much appreciated. Should the low price provoke some cautions? Many thanks.
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