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  1. [removed word]! thanks peeps for the advice,I nearly got one off fleabay lol.What I would really like is a good second-hand Meade or Celestron type "Goto" thing.....
  2. Hi chaps, I am thinking of buying a Seben 1000/114EQ2 with a motor drive,I have read mixed reviews but I am still unsure as to what the quality will be like when looking into the night sky.Thanks for any info and/or help
  3. Jinxy666

    Hello all

    For a while now I have been overwhelmed by our night sky and wish to understand more about it. I plan to purchase a Meade or Celestron scope but I am very unsure what to purchase as a good first second/hand starter package ( budget ).Glad to have found this forum and would love some help on my looming addiction. Regards
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