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  1. obrazell

    IAS 2019

    Does anyone know if there will be an IAS show this year and what dates? I have heard rumours of 15/16th Nov but after the poor turnout of both vendors and people last year I wonder if it will go again. Owen
  2. obrazell

    Which Deep sky/ moon atlas?

    The blue version is the field edtion and is on waterproof material. The pink edtion is the normal inside edtion. Apart from that they are both the same. Yes they are pricy but excellent for an intermediate level atlas. I am guessing you will gets lots of people saying you don't need an atlas with all the mobile devices and software around but I disagree here. Owen
  3. Since 46P is already rather large and I assume the FOV of the FT is rather small won't this be rather difficult to get anything useful? I guess you could look for inner coma jets. Owen
  4. obrazell

    Filter question(s)

    No it is primarily bandwidth. CCD filters are usually much narrower than those used for visual observing. I don't think you would get enough light through a CCD filter to observe. For a first filter get a UHC type filter. Probably the best of those I have tried is the new TeleVue Bandmate 2 Nebustar filter, it is jointly made by Astronomik and teleVue. Somewhat pricy but you get what you pay for in this market. A cheap Chinese clone filter maybe better than nothing but it will not be good. Owen
  5. obrazell

    Sky & Telescope - still a nightmare to get hold of

    I used to get the digital edition but since they stopped PDF and went to Zinio the magazine seems erratic at best (no sign for instance of the Decmber edition despite the paper edtion being out for some weeks) I have cancelled my subscrption to S&T after many years of getting it. I may occasionally now look at it if I see it in a newsagent but to be honest it has been going down hill for a while. Owen
  6. obrazell

    What makes a good/great star party?

    Yes but you are an imager and they are always part of the problem. I think for a great star party you would need to seperate imagers from visual observers. Owen
  7. obrazell

    IAS 2018

    They along with most other astronomy shows don't care if it is dark of moon. The practical astronomy show next march also clashes with dark of moon. If you raise this all they say is it is a day time show so what is the problem? I guess there may also be limitations in terms of when they can book the halls. Given the falling attendances you would have thought they might have thought about this but now. Owen
  8. obrazell

    IAS 2018

    I suspect if they are to keep it going they are going to have to make it a one day event rather than a two day event. Owen
  9. obrazell

    IAS 2018

    I thought it was very empty and no chocolate stand Fewer vendors and very few people. Many of the vendors seemed to have bought less stuff as well. Owen
  10. obrazell

    Interstellarium Deep Sky Guide

    It is an excellent book. I did some work on the English version and alos have the Germna waterproof version as that was a kickstarter porject. I am not sure it will be useful for smalls coep observers but for medium and large scope observers it will be excellent. Owen
  11. obrazell

    Webb Deep Sky Society

    Everything gratefully receieved. I understand about the weather, I have had a pretty bad run over the last year or so. Off to Haw Wood star party this week more in hope than expectation. I did see some of the DobMob's work and wondered if any were members of the Webb Soc. Owen
  12. I have a Mewlon 210 and the contrast is outstanding. The views of DSO's are much better than I had expected for a 8.1" scope. It does have cool down issues but the planet views are much better than my TMB LZOS 130 F6 if the seeing will allow. Everything to do with planets is seeing dependent. It has a long f-ratio at 11.5 so I needed a long focal length eyepiece for it and the TV 24mm Pan was ideal for low power views. I am not sure I liked the finder position so I did put a TelRad on it which works well.They are quite long scopes so the balance on the mount is quite critical. They are very portable. Obviously as a Dall-Kirkham design they are better on axis than off so for visual use outsanding, photographic use not so much. The Tak coollimation scope will not work well on it as the secondary is not centre dotted like the 250 and 300. The price is only going to go up after Brexit so if you see a good second hand one i would go for it. Owen
  13. obrazell

    Herschel 400 lists

    The more the merrier. The Webb is an active society and welcomes new members. Owen
  14. obrazell

    Herschel 400 lists

    Or you can buy the Herschel 1 and III from the Webb Society ready printed (www.webbdeepsky.com) The Herschel I and II are the AL lists for their pins. The Herschel III was another list putogether for those that like faint galaxies. There should be no overlap between the lists. Owen
  15. obrazell

    AstroParts UK

    I believe that Brian Brooks has unfortunately passed away. Owen

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