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  1. obrazell

    Herschel 400 lists

    The more the merrier. The Webb is an active society and welcomes new members. Owen
  2. obrazell

    Herschel 400 lists

    Or you can buy the Herschel 1 and III from the Webb Society ready printed (www.webbdeepsky.com) The Herschel I and II are the AL lists for their pins. The Herschel III was another list putogether for those that like faint galaxies. There should be no overlap between the lists. Owen
  3. obrazell

    AstroParts UK

    I believe that Brian Brooks has unfortunately passed away. Owen
  4. obrazell

    Charles Edward Barns 1862-1937

    For interest there is a reprint from India of this book in both paperback and hardback at https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&cm_sp=SearchF-_-home-_-Results&an=&tn=1001+celestial+wonders&kn=&isbn= I did get the paperback version and it seems OK. Shipping was reasonably quick. Not sure how long the covers will last so it maybe best to get the hardback version. It is of interest, although most deep sky objects are referred to by their Herschel numbesr and of course their type is as known in 1927 so some may be wrong (NGC 6229 for instance is classified as a PN whereas it is in fact a globular cluster) unfortunately the link to the download version (free) no longer works Owen
  5. obrazell

    Have you got an Astro library?

    I think I have maybe 850 astronomy books over the years. Many less than some on cloudy nights. Owen
  6. obrazell

    Hoag's Object

    It is discussed here http://www.deepskyforum.com/showthread.php?386-Object-of-the-Week-June-2-2013-Hoag-s-Obect-(The-king-of-the-rings) Owen
  7. obrazell

    South West Astro Fair 2018

    Hopefully the Webb Society should have a stand at the show this year, M5 not wiststanding Not a show we have been to before so hope to meet some new faces. Owen
  8. obrazell

    Skymap 12 comets U.R.L

    I suspect this is because the MPC has moved to https and SkyMap Pro would need to be updated to handle that.. Most astro progarms that automatically updated comet information form the web had to update to handle this. Those that are no longer supporte3d will fail now. Owen
  9. obrazell

    Ready for the Welsh event

    Yep clashes with the BAA Wessex weekend and the Kelling Equinox star party. Owen
  10. obrazell

    Starry Night 7

    I have a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 1803 and I have no issues running Starry Night Pro 7 ProPlus. I am not sure what the driver issue is on yours. I don't remember having to install the .NET 3.5 drivers but it was a long time ago and it may have upgraded from Windows 7. I must admit that I have no interest in connecting it to a telescope so maybe I don't have the issues others do. As for is it worth it I don't know. I orginally used it because of the all sky CCD image but it is not my first choice software. Owen
  11. The Webb Society is holding its annual meeting at the IOA in Cambridge on Saturday 2nd June. All welcome. Details of talks etc at www.webbsociety.com/annual-meeting/year/2018 Owen
  12. The list of speakers for the Webb meeting is now up on the web site, although we are still working on the running order. Owen
  13. obrazell

    BAA Deep Sky Section meeting 2018

    I know Callum has not posted here but this meeting has been called off due to the weather and will now take place at the same venue on the 22nd April. Owen
  14. OSI is also owned by Farpoint who seem to be collecting lots of smaller US companies (lumicon, JMI, OSI etc.). In many cases these were smaller outfits that have either struggled or their owners are retiring. However it seems that there have been issues that may or may not have been resolved with the quality of Lumicon filters since Farpoint took them over. Owen
  15. obrazell

    Astrofest 2018

    Not a stellar array then so far :-(

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