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  1. What events are you looking for? The dates for Astrofest and PAS are already posted as are the Kelling Star party events. Owen
  2. The Delos also have less glass to that may add in for the extar sharpness. I think the choice may depend on what your interests are and whether you have an undriven scope. Owen
  3. Your understanding is correct. a filter will not help for anything composed primarily of stars, such as galaxies and star clusters. Nor will they help much with reflection nebulae. Howevre if your targets are emission nebulae then a UHC type filter will help a lot from almost any skies. An OIII filter will help if you are primarily interested in planetary nebulae but would be the second filter to buy after a UHC type filter. Owen
  4. I think there may be small discounts but margins in the astronomy business are not great so don't expect huge ones. I would also think with the collpase of the £ anything coming from the US is likely to be more expensive the longer you leave it. I would also not expect many people to carry a Feathertouch focuser in stock. These are more likely to be special order. Owen
  5. The FAS (Federation of Astronomical Socities) is holding its annual meeting and AGM on Saturday 14th September at the IOA in Cambridge. There is a full lineup of speakers and more information is at http://fedastro.org.uk/fas/convention/convention-2019/ Owen
  6. assuming it updates from the MPC then there is an issue as the MPC data have not been updated since early June due to system and resource issues. with no timescale for this to be fixed. Owen
  7. As Steve also says he was not able to see it with a 17.5" it may depend on what size telescope you are using as to whether youc an claim to have seen it. I would also post on the CN forums as they are more likely to have large telescope users active in that kind of time frame. Owen
  8. The TeleVue OIII and H-Beta filters are pretty much identical to the Astronomil versions. The main improved one is the TeleVue Bandmate 2 UHC type filter which is really nice so I would not waste money trying to get a TeleVue OIII and compare to the Astronomik OIII as they are the same. Lumicon have undergone several buyouts since the orginal filters by Jack Marling. The current owner is Farpoint. Owen
  9. I don't believe there are any UK dealers that carry Lumicon stuff. There are some European dealers but their prices are very high and you would not be sure whether you where getting a Gen 3 filter or older stock. I suspect that unless you were very experienced with filters you would not see much diffrence and the Astronomik is a fine filter. Owen
  10. Good to see my old scope again after languishing for so long in Callum's shed. I replaced it with a 20" Obsession. Anyway some titbits the collimating design was Keith's at Dark Star and ES adapted it for their telescopes. Keith took the mirro set I had form a solid tube dobsonian and designed a new mount for it. I believe he made a few more telesocpes of that design but probably not many. The mirror is mounted on bubble pack but I believe Callum replaced the old bubble pack otherise it could be due to air leaking out. I think you will enjoy the brighter Abell galaxy clusters with that when it gets really dark. I don't think I ever used it with anything but Naglers so it will be in teresting to see what the modern designs will do. Your first view of M42 through it will blow your socks off. Owen
  11. Think I may wait a few more days before I upgrade in case there any more hidden bugs, and anyway it does not work under water which seems to be the case here for the next week Owen
  12. Just for interest the Webb Soc is having its annual meeting at the IOA in Cambridge this coming Saturday 15th June. The speaker program and edetaisl can be found at https://www.webbdeepsky.com/annual-meeting/year/2019 All welcome. Owen
  13. Here is a good place to start for the raw Hubble data http://hla.stsci.edu/hlaview.html and an example of what can be done with them https://www.flickr.com/photos/geckzilla/ Owen
  14. I was going but with the weather forecast deteriorating by the hour I am not sure if I will anymore. Many of the main stream visual obsevers won't be at this one anyway. Owen
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