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  1. When the Moon or indeed the Sun are close to the horizon they tend to look bloated due to distortion by the atmosphere................or maybe not.:D

  2. Cool, look forward to it. At least then people can look at it without getting a headache!

    Me too.

    I never had much luck with 3D using the shifting of red and green channels method in photoshop. Looking back in the archive I found a two of the Moon from a couple of years ago which illustrate the problem with this method. Colour is lost and the image always appears blurred even through the red and green glasses.

    Just to complicate matters you have to be pretty close to the screen and I must have had the glasses on back to front when I did these as to see any '3D-ishness ' the red lens has to be over the right eye,the reverse of normal..........:D



  3. Those 127 Maks are great little scopes,I love my SkyWatcher version,it's getting on a bit now but still works a treat.

    Your earlier and latest images both have useful qualities and you might like to try a combination of both using photoshop.........My effort is below but you may of course prefer different colours....:)


  4. I'm not a puka imager so the techno speak is way over my head I'm afraid........ I mean,Dark Flats.....what's that all about.;).....

    Not the same as Gloomy Apartments are they? ;)

    Seriously though,there is some detail to be found in your image if dealt with initially as separate layers on a large scale.

    Having said that and looking at my effort the star layer looks a bit rough.....Still,can't win em all,as they say........:)


  5. I was having a second look at your image over lunch and it occurred to me that you could benefit from a "BOGOF" offer here!!!!:p

    From the wide field view select the galaxy,crop,then just flip,rotate enlarge and sharpen to taste.


  6. Great pic needs a bit more processing to bring out more detail but its all there and looking good.

    I agree with what Quatermass says so had a quick tinker with your image............ just deleted the magenta background applied a couple of photo filters and sharpened the galaxy a bit....... possible a bit too much.



  7. Thanks Olly and Rik, that's been really helpful!

    Also big thanks to CloudWatcher, you are a bit of a magician to me. I took the picture you came up with, went for a crop as you suggested and then gave it a final touch in levels and this is what it came up. Big thanks!:p Do i have your permission to put it in the main thread? I feel it's more your child than mine!

    Well,how very flattering!:)

    You don't need my permission,it's your image to do with as you wish,just glad I was of some help.

  8. Can't say what went wrong but had a lunchtime play with the image making individual layers for background,stars and galaxy. Desaturated and darkened background to get rid of the central red glow. Enlarged the galaxy layer and used the dodge and burn tools to bring out the detail,played with hue/saturation then sharpened. Reduced back to normal size and merged layers.

    Seem to have lost some stars I'm afraid but I think M51 looks a bit better...........perhaps a crop is called for?


  9. Don't know if you subscribe to Astronomy Now magazine but there is an item by Nik Szymanek on p22 entitled "A night with the Rosette Nebula" that you may find of interest.

    I must say that your image,to my eye,compares well with the pictures in the article.

    I hope you will not object but just for fun,I had a quick go at tweaking the colour of your image using the Hue/Saturation tool in PS.


  10. I really need some new socks but I didn't get a single one!:) (Not that a single sock would be much good I suppose.)

    I did however,receive, A Simples Life by Aleksandr Orlov (a work of pure geniousness........:D) together with Patrick Moore's Data Book of Astronomy and a couple of 'Wonders of' books by some bloke called Brain Cox,I think.......:)

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