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  1. thanks! the galaxy itself looks very good at a certain image scale but the background, oh boy!

    You are quite right,a certain image scale being,as small as possible....:(

    This was a bit of a rush job and I really neglected the background........:(

    I have gone over the image with dodge,burn,sharpen,and sponge tools..........Improved,hopefully.


  2. I did try another download following your PM themos but still no joy. I'm using a Mac but that shouldn't make any difference should it?


    Anyway,I've had a bash using the image posted on the forum.Tried to emphasise the red star forming areas in the arms with mixed success........... Does it looks a bit over done.......:o


  3. I've never used DSS so can't comment on what has happened but as I see you have CS5 you should have no problem with getting a reasonable result from the original image.

    I have CS3 working on a Mac and can pull out quite a bit from the first image............Might need to increase the saturation looking at the result on Forum screen.......:blob10:


  4. Sara you have set the bar very high for yourself, considering you arrived at this forum 13th January 2010 a novice in 2 years you sure do seem to be trying to rub shoulders with the best or the best, dont beat yourself up and please dont say comments like the image is 'rubbish' because it only intimidates other members.

    Do you think 'the lady doth protest too much'.........:)

    I have to agree that the image is certainly not 'rubbish' in fact having had a lunchtime play there is a lot of detail to be found on an expanded view. Originally I was just tweaking the colours etc. but when zooming in on the core one can see 'dust clouds'.......enhanced and rotated for a better view in second image.......a bit crudely done but interesting.



  5. come on.....don't let a frenchman dare you!

    I'm sure anybody can do better than me............


    Shall I mention Paris and Rugby Football?.........No,too cruel,I am an Englishman,after all.........;)

    Thanks for the link,I think I shall enjoy playing with those images long term....... in the meantime here are some quick tweaks just for fun.......;).




  6. Excellent...........Glad to see some of us can show commendable restraint with their processing.........Unless polished marble is your thing of course........;)

    I find it interesting how colour is seen by individuals,reds and green in particular. There's no right or wrong of course and the settings of one's screen can affect what is shown. Your reprocessed image,for instance,looks shifted in favour of green on my screen. If I had done the work it would have been tilted toward the red....... It's all in the eye of the beholder as we say......;)


  7. Got my new scope on yesterday from FLO. It's a big jump up for me as I only had a powerseeker 114. And now I'v bought a c8 sgt advanced cg5. And to be honest I have not even got a clue how to use it :-). an easy step by step, I would really appreciate that. Regards Scott

    Step 1. With this model the eyepiece goes at the backend not the top of the tube!:)

    Just kidding,looks a really cool piece of kit........have fun.:)

  8. Did you use unsharp mask to sharpen?

    I can't seem to figure that part out.

    I'm pretty sure it was Unsharp Mask that was used.

    However,it's well worth while trying all the sharpening tools in the menu as you may find others suite you better.

    Looking again at the image I think I might have overdone the sharpening bit anyway.............. Not unknown in my case......:)

  9. I don't know if this is any help but if you enlarge the image again,brighten and colour balance to your taste then sharpen,the overall appearance seems to improve...........Well,to my eye anyway........:)


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