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  1. With a Mac,a DSLR and a copy of Photoshop you would have a good combination for starters.

    The image taken with your iPhone is really good.........I like widefield shots.......and a quick clean up in Photoshop makes it even better......:(

    I think the 'stars' that appear may well be 'hot pixels'.


  2. It is indeed a good image but on my screen it looks very dark and very red,as though the contrast has been over done perhaps.

    I hope you don't object to my giving you image a quick tweak to show a bit more detail.........still a wee contrasty.


  3. I Don't have the Tif version but just to give an idea of what you could do within PhotoShop working with the jpeg.......see below.

    Applying Auto Levels to the original will give you a better view of what is in the image. Burn of the fuzzy edges and sharpen......after that it's a question of playing with the hue/saturation,sharpness etc. to suite.



  4. I do like a refractor image......well let's face it,I like refractors......they do as you say give that out there view.....:confused:

    I see you have given the image only minimal attention in Photoshop......well,give it a some more because there is a whole lot of detail to be seen. Just a levels and sharpen of the galaxy shows this. Some further TLC will,I'm sure,produce an image you will want to keep......I've had a quick go (very quick) but more attention will work wonders...........Great capture.....:)



  5. I can't contribute to the 'Imaging Techno Talk' I'm afraid but agree with others on there being plenty of detail available to pull out.

    I just happened to look at the original image through a pair of 3D glasses,as one does :), and it seemed a good candidate for a little tinkering.........minor brightening and saturation etc.then movement of red & green channels.........

    You will probably hate the result but it's a little different and fun to do.

    P.S. Red lens over right eye.


  6. @Cloudwatcher: Is that image on the right a different image or is that what mine looked like after changing and editing it?

    It is your image with,as I say,the fuzzy bits removed in Photoshop. Still don't know what could be done about the colour..........Mind you,a lot of fun can be had just playing with the Hue/saturation tool in photoshop......

  7. I've tried myself to recreate the image above from the original but can't get the same sharpness (see below):


    Could anyone offer some advice on what tool/filters to use to sharpen up the image? I'm using GIMP on windows for image processing.

    Hi.Thought I recognised that original image and on checking your initial post I see I should have replied to your query re sharpening............ Unfortunately the turnover on the forum is so rapid and my visits a bit irregular.......I can't keep up......:)

    Anyhow,I have done a repro of your image and included a highlighted history of the tools used which I hope will help,although Photoshop not GIMP was used. (The Eliptical Marquee tool was used just to isolate the planet. )

    Ignore the lower half,this was just me playing with the colours.....the permutations are limitless.......:)


  8. Heres a 200% if anyone wants to have a mess about, a prety blank canvas, a word of warning it might look smooth but it will not tolerate a lot of sharpening


    I've had a mess about and think the storms show up best on a reversed image............Thinks.....;)!

    Please tell me I'm looking in the right place.


  9. :) I can't seem to get the razor sharp process some others excel so any tips really appreciated.


    Cheers :(

    Using Photoshop make a separate layer of the dark background as close to the planet as possible then switch back to original layer. Lasso the planet and using Free Transform expand it until the fuzzy edges are concealed by the top layer..............a voila.....:(

    P.S. You can then sharpen and colour balance to taste.


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