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  1. I've been having a clearout of old images today (they don't 'arf accumulate,don't they) and thought I'd post this one,not because of the quality but because I don't recall having seen it on the Forum and might prove of interest .

    This one is in Cassiopeiar,due North of the famous one in Perseus and is made up of NGC 7788 & NGC 7790. Much fainter than it's big brother but worth a look come Autumn time.

    The attached image is a 12.5mm eyepiece projection with a 450D through a SW 150 Startravel in Sept.2009.

    Might be a nice subject for those with proper imaging gear.


  2. Try using your Skymax or one of your refractors and see if you get the same colour...........at least it will be the right way up......:(

    If you apply Auto Colour in Photoshop to the rings the contrast gives the image a bit more depth.

    You probably knew this already but there are at least three moons in shot........Don't know which ones though as the time is not shown.


  3. Nice shot one of my all time favorite galaxy's this one.


    Strangely enough I was just reading about the Sombrero in Astronomy Now and it appears it's an hybrid. An elliptical galaxy with an embedded disc galaxy,a sought of 'inbetweeny'..........not many people know that........:)

    Steve,I hope you don't mind but I had a bash at adding a little bit of colour to your image just to get an idea of what it would look like with colour data.


  4. You can improve the appearance of the image quite easily in Photoshop using the Dodge and Burn tools to tidy up the edges then play with the colour to suit.

    Here's a quick lunchtime tweak and a slightly larger image to show the progression,so to speak.



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