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  1. Did you know that at one time there was some doubt as to M71's status.....was it a true globular or a tight open cluster.

    Have look at the attached image and you will see the actual question mark hanging over M71...... :eek:

    (Anyone else like looking for asterisms..... :rolleyes: )


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  2. I've never been much good at nebulae.......never quite sure where they finish if you know what I mean........hence the name I suppose. :rolleyes:

    Anyway,I had a tinker and came up with this........then on reflection,thought it looked 'better' when flipped. :grin:



  3. You can faintly see the arc of the tidal stream. Or maybe I just know where it is and my mind is placing it there...but I think I can actually see it....faintly but its there.

    It sure is..........quick and crude dodge tool wipe over.......sorry Thomas :grin:.........it's a splendid image. :icon_salut:


  4. I havent a clue as to how the software works, and my pics are result of pressing buttons until something happens, it would be cool to get a couple of tips on the technique needed to tweak my saturn avi/bmp. if you don't mind that is, it does sound a bit cheeky to me.....



    I don't mind cheeky,I just hope bottletopburly feels the same about having his thread hijacked.

    Pressing buttons till something happens.......trial and error so to speak........ is a good way to learn processing and in Photoshop you can always go back if you don't like the result of the last press. :laugh:

    I did a quick sharpen and saturation of the Saturn image (which,incidentally,appears to have a ghost) but If I were you I'd be inclined to concentrate on the Mars image which is rather nice.The original has a 'fluffy' outline and to my eye anyway is shifted to far towards the red. A sweep with the burn tool around the edge will help define the outline and you can play with the colour balance until it looks 'right' to you.

    My enlarged version is below.........hope you like.



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  5. Am i right in assuming this is simply a copy of the first pic, but processed a bit more? If so, what did you do?



    You are right........nothing special done,just a bit of sharpening and addition of a couple of colour filters using Photoshop.

    The tweaked image was placed next to the original simply for illustrative purposes.

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