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  1. If you use Photoshop try the Gamma Correction and Offset tools in Exposure..............this should solve the problem but you may loose a few of the dimmer stars.
  2. Nicely done with a compact camera. The Aldebaran shot can be stretched in Photoshop to reveal more of the Hyades cluster and colour too.
  3. If you click on Auto Colour in PS the green tint will vanish from the image. Having done that it appeared to show up faint nebulae,wether real or artificial I'm not sure but played with the hue/saturation and colour balance which gave me this............
  4. Kepler 20f,or any of the non hot jupiter exoplanets would be good...........close up of course.
  5. Certainly more Arty than Farty. I think the angle of the Milky Way may have a trompe l'oeil affect on how the horizon may appear to some.
  6. I agree with the others..........all you've got to do now is bring out the stars.
  7. Looks very smart and business like. Better gubbins than gremlins!
  8. They used to be very noisy...........nicknamed coffee grinders........a few years ago. Perhaps the later models have been improved.
  9. Very clever stuff.............not for those with a weak stomach.
  10. Here's a quick lunchtime tweak. You may think it's a stretch too far (thinks Xmas card) but does show that there is a lot of 'blue stuff ' waiting to be pulled out.
  11. Will the mount take other make/models of scope?
  12. I may be swimming against the Dob tide here but looking at your requirements and budget I would suggest the Mak option would suite. A Skymax 127,5 inch Maksutov AZ mounted GOTO can be purchased for under £400. These are great little scopes,very portable and will afford excellent views of the planets,closeups of the Moon and with a suitable eyepiece,works well on DSOs particularly multiple/double star formations. You should not have any collimation problems with a Mak as may be the case with a Newtonian reflector and as a bonus,if you have a DSLR camera this can be attached to back of the scope with the appropriate T-ring for the make of camera.................should you be silly enough to step onto the slippery slope into Astrophotography.
  13. Nicely done. Increase the saturation and you will see the Moon in it's true colours.
  14. That's an interesting moon formation you have captured there,indeed,when tidied up a little the overall image is quite pleasing.
  15. I think that is a Rook........a wet Rook.
  16. Very fine capture indeed............got to love the 127 Mak,great on planets and the Moon not to mention double/multiple stars. If you enlarge and lighten the image a bit the detail you have captured really begins to show what it can do.
  17. I can't see that there is much wrong with your image as it is.......lots of detail evident and subtle colour. Could be a little sharper perhaps but at the end of the day it's all down to personal preference.
  18. Me to...........thought it was a helicopter lit from below.......top part being the rotor with fuselage below. However,on closer scrutiny I think what has been captured is in fact a Star Wars Podracer!
  19. Probably just the ISS crew getting rid of another defunked fridge as they did in 2007/08. Wonder if they got it from Comet............
  20. Not Nevada........Namibia........here's one of the images they tried to suppress.......
  21. I'm more of a heel....... but here's a bit of a rough stretch which begins to show the group off to the upper right of the image. If you have time to spend on it in CS5 you could have a very nice wide field image there.
  22. I see a cuddly little Shih Tzu with it's tongue hanging out.
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