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  1. I'm not an imager I'm afraid so can't advise on flats,darks etc. but I think the image can be improved further in Photoshop. The 'white line' can be removed for the most part using the Healing Brush. Play with the colour balance and reducing the saturation will help to show more detail which can then be brought out with the Dodge and Burn tools.

    I also think M31 looks better 'the other way up'.........Don't know why :icon_scratch:............Anyway here's my lunchtime effort.


  2. You see this effect sometimes when looking at certian craters on the moon and depending on the light the crater will all of a sudden invert into a plateau rising up instead of a depression in the surface , its a strange effect but it does happen to me sometimes .

    Its the way our eye/brain comprenhend what is really not there .


    Ah! Of course!

    It's perfectly clear now.......that's why I stumble about after closing time........the pavement isn't really going up and down. It's simply a trick of the light........you have put my mind at rest. :grin:

  3. It'll be interesting to see this story develop. I wonder if more images in a different lighting will clarify any more. Is Curiosity able to get closer??

    This is very true.........could be a trick of the light............for instance if the image is flipped vertically the 'object' looks very different......it no longer looks like the top of a tap.


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  4. One from my Widefield Period. :grin:

    Canon 350D with Canon 90-300 telephoto lens @ 185mm,f5.6. 30sec exposure @ ISO800.

    Not what you would call a spectacular image but at the time I was attempting a series of 'eyepiece views' showing what one might expect to see through your telescope rather than full colour long exposure images. This one is uncropped.


  5. I checked out your image against Starry night pro and there was a comet in the area at the time of your image.........though not Comet Palmer I'm afraid......... :grin:

    The position does not match exactly but this could be due to Starry night being set for my location and or bad orientation on my part. Anyway,the Comet is Gunn 65p (a cheap one :rolleyes: ) as shown on the attached screen shot with your object's position overlayed. Comet or not I rather like your widefield image. :icon_salut:


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