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  1. .......the previous telescope didn't get set up for a week upon delivery, due to clouds at night, so the astronomer who was booked to commission it, simply had to stay for the whole week .......

    You have to be tough to be an astronomer!:rolleyes:

  2. Thanks again:

    I do have Photoshop, but am not really clear on the history, overlayer part?


    The history of the tools as used to enhance the image are shown on the right..............forget the overlay bit that was just intended to show a 'before and after' view in one image......... not part of the process.



  3. Thanks Cloudwatcher...appreciate your tweaking of my retweaking...amazing improvement!

    How did you do that?

    Thanks again

    Quick and easy if you have PhotoShop........... see below a quick 5 min image with history,over layered on original.

    The next step would be to use the Hue/Saturation tool till you find a colour range that fits the bill.


  4. Certainly looks better without the red stars but on my screen it seems to have lost a little definition.

    A combination of the two with a colour tweak and a bit of sharpening perhaps......... then again it's all in the eye of the beholder I suppose. :smiley:


  5. I like single shot images as it is always fun to see what can be pulled out vis-a-vis a stack.

    Hope you don't mind but I just did a quick tea break tweak of the first Milky Way image using Preview (not the most sophisticated tool) and came up with this.

    Of course I have no idea what the skies above Chaco Canyon look like so it may appear totally wrong but it does show a bit more detail I think.


  6. Is the posted image the full frame?

    I only ask as if it has been cropped there may be further detail in the background of the original.

    As posted,you have a good image of Jupiter with Io far left and Callisto upper centre............:smiley:


  7. im now aware that if i make a duplicate layer of the picture i can go to the settings and do the gaussian blur... i also can see how to go to the curves and colour balance and contrast settings and enhance the sharpness

    Hi Will. I'm afraid I'm a Photoshop man myself and have never used GIMP so do not think I can be of much help.

    However,from what you say it does seem to have tools that are similar to PS. If possible,try isolating the zones/bands on the image of Jupiter as layers and work on them in isolation till you achieve the look you want then combine with the background.

    As we are using different systems it's rather difficult to give more detailed advise but hope that helps a little anyway.

  8. There was one of those all-round lamps across the way from my back garden in front of a light coloured house wall that reflected a lot of light. When at the eye piece the actual lamp was below the fence line but the reflected light was still there. It was replaced with a lower intensity more directional model,which was nice but unfortunately the lamp post is much taller than the original and of course is now above the fence line.:)

    As the Sage once said "Beware of what you wish for".:)


  9. Ron,cancel the order!

    Just realised how small Enceladus is..........:eek:

    It would fit into the Sea of Tranquillity,no probes!

    How about Europa? Closer to home,almost the same size as our Moon and seems to cover most of your criteria........:)


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