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  1. I may be talking out the back of my neck here (frequently do,just ask the missus :p ) but isn't the whole area around the Coccon pretty dusty? Could this be the reason for the 'brown' stars?

    Anyway,I had a play with saturation and levels and it certainly looked to me as if there was a brownish area lurking in the background. I usually avoid nebulae,so as I say,I may be talking rubbish......:)

    I can say with certainty however that your image is a good capture nicely framed.:)


  2. The desaturated image shows a lot more detail,a great improvement on the original but on my screen it looks a little 'flat'.

    I've slapped a blue then a sepia filter on the image,sharpened and flipped it which,on my screen,seems to enhance the view a bit........all a matter of taste I suppose.......:rolleyes:

    Don't quite know what to do about the stars though........:glasses2:


  3. I allways thought I liked a challenge............. not any more!..:)

    I found the only way I could pull out any detail was to isolate the galaxy,desaturate and use the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop. Make another layer for the stars and cut out the background.... this does result in the loss of a few of the less bright ones but at least the Supernova remained intact!

    A bit of sharpening/blurring and the application of a sepia then blue filter to M101 and..... Robert is your mothers brother........... you end up with a right mess..........:)


  4. Mmm.......strange.

    Even when stretched to beyond breaking point those billowing clouds of stars and gas fail to appear. :(

    Still,you have captured several constellations in that wide field of the Summer Triangle with Delphinus showing up well,plus the Coathanger asterism and If I'm not mistaken (I usually am :)) a hint of NGC 7000 to the left of Deneb.


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