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  1. Has anyone any ideas for reducing the glow around the central star in this image using either Photoshop or PixInsight? O



    You could try using the Gamma Correction slider in the Exposure tool of Photoshop to reduce the 'glow' around the central star, on separate layer of course and then merge when happy with the level of reduction.

    I also think bogdog is right with regard to having a fiddle with the contrast.........all a matter of personal preference of course. :grin:


  2. Nicely done. :icon_salut:

    That brings back memories.I used to do a lot of similar stuff a while back.

    I found by accident that a painted surface that has had paint stripper applied and reached the crackle stage makes for a great planetary base. Change the colours,add a few clouds and you have your own exoplanet!

  3. Everyone, please feel free to use images any in any way. Please will someone also let me know if all the images in my public folder in dropbox are visible, as I have put about 10 unedited stacks in there for everyone. Do I need to put a link in to image , or can I just make whole folder accesable ?

    I could only access the three original image links you posted. I assume another link will be required for the whole folder.

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