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  1. Alright, I have recently made a purchase of a 925 Celestron SCT OTA with a CGEM dovetail that seems to be partially welded in place. I have an Advanced VX mount from Celestron. I need to figure out the best and potentailly least expensive way to make the possible permenant CGEM dovetail into a Vixen stlye dovetail, whether that means an adapter or removal. I have searched around on a few sites, but the last thing I need is to order the wrong adapter. I also have access to a machine shop, and it may not be the most permanent dovetail in the end, but I am certainly not interested in take any chances with OTA. Any suggestions, links to adapters, or anything else would be appreciated. Thanks, Shane. p.s. I have yet to receive the OTA, and it may be a ten days from eta so I don't have any great detail yet, but the guy I am buying it from seemed fairly adament that the dovetail was on there good.
  2. I use a setup that I wouldn't entirely recommend, but I have a Celestron Omni 120 XLT Canon XSi unmodded CG-4 with the cheap motor controls There is M7, NGC 884 and 869, and M42. Total equipment is about 800, and all processing is done on trials.
  3. Thanks, blinky it was at the New Hampshire Astronomical Society's dark sky location. There were quite a few people there and it was really good viewing.
  4. First one is a 36s single exposure, and the second is a 15s exposure, both ps.
  5. This is a cropped PS single frame from a few weeks ago.
  6. It's 48 images stitched together. This is my first prime focus moon experience and I think it went pretty well. Still having issues with the DSO's, but they are reducing, al beit slowly.
  7. Yes Foton Finder, Southern New Hampshire. I got about a week before I get my imaging scope, so I have been trying to get a little startrail practice in. Thanks, Shane
  8. This is a shorter version with more natural colors. Only 23 30 second shots in this one, but with a little more scenery.
  9. My first startrail with polaris near center. There was one plane that flew through a corner, and that made me exclude a few frames. 165 x 15sec
  10. It is showing a magnitude of 4.28 at its closest. And it will be a near full moon as well.
  11. This is an extremely early posting, as the comet is about 590 million km away, but it is going to be a mere 8 million km away on January 7th of next year. Considering that Hale-Bop was 190 million km away from earth at its closest, I can only imagine that this should be a pretty good opportunity to get a relatively close up view with a comet.
  12. Prior to posting this I was hoping to find a previously started thread, but after about two and half seconds of looking I gave up. Well maybe a little more time, but I think I get it now. I tried the tripod last night with no luck, and now I know why. Thanks for the help everyone, Shane
  13. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and assistance Black Knight, I think I am going to try the tripod approach for now. Currently I have some sort of a kit that I probably should have looked into a little more before buying. I am going to get a scope more apt for AP in the spring, but for now I am having fun messing around with the challenges that AP and dobs create. The kit I have now holds an eyepiece, but only my smaller 12mm, 9mm, and 6mm plossls. I am going to also try adding the barlow to whole kit to see if that will give me enough of an extension to focus. The worry that I have with that is that there will be a slight bend from the focuser to the camera. Should be interesting. Thanks, Shane
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